Branding: The Story Behind the name ClassyCurlies

Hey Curlies,

In today's super quick post I'm answering the question, "Where did you get your blog's name from?" This question has come up quite frequently as I've been running across more people looking to start blogs and seeking advice.

The ClassyCurlies story

Initially I wanted this to just be a space where I vented about my hair struggles and accomplishments so I started my blog through Blogger, which it is still through today (Wordpress wasn't as popular back then).

natural hair blogThis blog was originally called Feel My Curls (not sure where I got that from haha) in late 2010 but even today if you go to, you will be redirected to

Once I started getting more serious about my space, I didn't feel as if the name fit quite right.  I loved the idea of calling those in the natural hair community "curlies" instead of the popular, "naturalistas." I'm not sure why, I just did.

From there I tried to think of a name I felt described how I carry myself, this blog and what I hope would describe the readers and I came up with "classy." I put them both together as "ClassyCurlies" and the name was born every since then. This space is for curlies (natural hair/curly haired people) who consider themselves classy.

If you are thinking of creating a blog, business, etc. Please take some time to think of your branding and your name. It may be a little irritating and time consuming, but its worth it.