Twistout Using NATURALICIOUS system

Hey Curlies,

How's your week going? I hope well. Mine could always be better but I'm remaining positive! I want to start of this post with this...

Today wasn't my best, but I remember things could always be worse.

Moving on!

I want to give you all an overview of my wash day and how fabulously my hair turned out!

I washed, conditioned and styled using the NATURALICIOUS  system.


My hair was extremely dirty...OK...I may be exaggerating but it didn't smell nor feel good so a nice wash was needed. To begin to loosen up some of the dirt, I massaged part apple cider vinegar, part water onto my scalp.

I did this by dividing my hair into random sections, spraying the mix directly onto my scalp only, then massaging it into the area.

I did this for about 5-10 minutes. Afterward I divided my hair into two sections and clipped each section into buns.


wash day using naturalicious

From there I moved on to the shower to wash...

I began with Step One of the NATURALICIOUS system, the clay wash. How I washed:

After washing, I twisted and divided that section into two (one in front and one in back). I then split that smaller section into two once again to give me 8 sections overall (four on each side). I applied Step Two, the styling cream and Step Three, an oil, to my smaller sections, detangled then twisted up.

twistout using naturalicious

I tied a scarf on my edges and allowed my hair to air dry over night.

In the morning I untwisted and planned on doing an updo, but once I saw those curls....I couldn't help myself.

twistout using naturalicious

I love this shrunken fro!