5 Things to do with Natural Hair Products You Don't Like

Hey Curlies,

Yes, it's time to chat about reality because it happens to all of us. We all have bought natural hair products and found later that we do not like them for whatever reason. Maybe the product's texture is odd, smells weird, was an expensive impulsive buy or it simply did not give us the results we were looking for.

Eventually, you'll have your own hair care aisle of natural hair products because you've opened them, tried them once and set them to the side.

natural hair products you don't like

Here are a few things you can do with natural hair products you just aren't feeling:

1. Give your product a second chance.
It is a rule of thumb to try each product at least twice before you give a final ruling on it. It is best to try new products on freshly washed hair for accurate results.

2. Return the item to the store.
If you can't get over the smell or texture (big deal breakers for me) then simply return the item. Always keep your receipt. Many drugstores (and Target) will allow you to return the product even if it is open.

3. If it's a conditioner, use it to shave your legs.
Did you just buy a conditioner for your hair? Well now you can use it for shaving the hair on your legs. It will get the same job done but be used for a different function. I've done this several times and always get smooth and soft legs.

4. Sell them.
Someone's trash is always someone else's treasure and its likely someone will pay you to take the product off of your hands, especially if it cannot be found in stores.

5. Box them up and save them for the next product swap in your area.
If you're located near or in a major city, it's likely there are natural hair events in your area. Many of the groups, such as the one I run in Indianapolis (Meetup.com/IndysClassyCurlies) can be found on Meetup.com or Facebook.