Natural Hair Classy Updo

Hey Curlies,

I wanted to show you all my latest style. Before I began I want to make sure I do not try and steal the credit for this style. I found the style from one of my favorite YouTube vloggers and decided to give it a try.

I've gotten tons of compliments and it was very easy to do.  I did replace the flat twists with tuck and roll twists simply because they were easier for me to do. Here are some photos:

I actually styled at night then allowed the rollers to set overnight. 

If you can't tell what's going on, its two tuck and roll twists from the back to the front. There are also tuck and roll twists above my ear, one on each side. The ends of those tuck and roll twists were two-strand twisted and crisscrossed at my crown.

The top middle section was set on perm rods using Lotta Body Foam Wrap Lotion. 

This style took about 30 minutes to complete, which I think is pretty reasonable for a style that can be worn all week.

 If you're in the Indianapolis area I personally invite you to International Natural Hair Meetup Day taking place in Indianapolis May 21. I'd love to see all of you there! 

Eventbrite - Indianapolis International Natural Hair Meetup Day