2016 World Natural Hair Show Atlanta Highlights

Hey Curlies!

I'm back! Well...back from Atlanta that is. I had a great time at the World Natural Hair Show last weekend and still trying to catch up on some sleep.

In the exhibitor hall I met a lot of new and old friends (many who I correspond with over email often but rarely get a chance to meet in person). I spent a good chunk of my Saturday purchasing some hair products, checking out the vendor booths and chatting with people.

Here are some quick video highlights:

Here are some photo highlights:

2016 world natural hair show

wonder curl
Scarlett and I. She has an amazing hair care line called Wonder Curl.

wonder curl hair products
Hair demo at the Wonder Curl booth.

wonder curl natural hair products
Products from Wonder Curl

Had to stop here to pick up some products for a friend

My friend Mia and I.

Action at the Mixed Chicks booth.

I love seeing works by Black authors

Nicole of Nycole Naturals–she'll be at INHMD INDY on May 21

Stacy, a new curlie I met who has a hair care line called Urbanaire Gypsy.

Overall I had a great time! I did notice there were a few vendors that weren't there that I was looking forward to interacting with but overall, a good crowd. There was a good balance of hair care, fashion and jewelry available. I did not attend any workshops.

Once I returned home I found I didn't buy a lot of products (probably because I have my staples and know what works best for me), but I did buy a few things. The products from Uncle Funky's Daughter are for a friend. All of the samples I received for free (along with a boatload of pamphlets and business cards-not pictured).

I purchased the following:

I didn't go crazy lol but I enjoyed myself. Two new brands I discovered were Urbanaire Gypsy (the small jar pictured above) and Honey Pot. I'm excited to try the Urbaanaire Gypsy clay wash because it smells so good! Just. like. chocolate! 

Honey Pot is a new product as well made especially for your lady parts. It is a feminine wash with nothing but natural oils. After looking over the ingredients and in full approval, I decided to support the business. I'll have reviews on these two products soon.