'What's up with all these white people and braids?'

Hey Curlies,

Here goes one of those controversial topics I love to talk about on this blog. The topic initially came up during work. I am the newsroom manager at an African-American newspaper and we talk about race quite often. Someone asked me, "What's up with all these white people and braids?"

I'd never really given it much thought until I saw a magazine in the grocery store later on in the day that read somewhere along the lines of, "Check out (insert non-Black celebrity's name) and her new, trendy braids."
white people with braids

I was like ......what? (insert emoji with surprised face).

The celebrity was wearing cornrows straight to the back...(or "boxer braids" is what they were called) those aren't new...nor are they trendy!

Later on this week I saw these pictures -->

You've got to be kidding me if the media is seriously trying to spin this as something new. My issues with this are:

1. Cornrows or box braids are not new, they may be to those who are non-Black but, not new
2. Why are these styles all of a sudden stylist now that other ethnic groups have chosen to wear them?

Overall, I'm not upset that non-Black people choose to wear styles that Black people have created tradition in. That's not an issue for me because over time we all adapt items and behaviors from other cultures and I think that's what make us a beautiful melting pot. However, I am not OK with media outlets saying these styles are new and trendy just because white people have decided to wear them.

My issue is with the media and not those wearing the styles.

What are your thoughts? Do you mind non-Black people wearing traditionally Black hairstyles such as locs, cornrows or box braids?

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