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Here's a question from a reader and good friend of mine who had a natural hair question.

natural hair question

For years I have had problems with my thinning hairline. At first I thought it was my perms. Because ALL of my hair was thinning I decided it might be best to go natural. So fast forward 4 years laters and I still have some issues. I've been told that it is because of styling, pulling my hair to much. Etc.
My question is.. What can I do to restore my edges? I have currently been moisturizing with coconut oil and black castor oil. I know I'm in need of a new bonnet because the band isn't satin but I just want to know what other steps I can take. Answer: 

First I would look at your parents' and siblings' hairlines. Have they experienced the same challenges you have? If so, it could be genetic. But yes, styling and how you protect your hair at night are key factors in a healthy hairline.
What type of styles are you wearing? Are they mostly puffs, ponytails or box braids or twists (with extentions)? All of these styles, especially the latter of the two, can cause lots of breakage if worn for an extensive period of time. One time I wore smaller box braids for a summer and my edges were terrible once I took them out. I wore two strand twists (with my own hair) for a while and they slowly grew back in.
You may have to say goodbye to your bonnet, especially if its edge is not satin or silk. I usually tie a scarf around my edges and then put the bonnet on my loose hair and I've found this to be quite helpful.
There isn't a specific product I would recommend other than what you've already been using. Treat your hairline like a baby. Don't use a hard brush to lay down your edges, get rid of gels that dry out your edges, and use your fingers to styles those areas as much as possible. Always remember your diet also plays a factor.

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