Where Do I Shop for Natural Hair Products: Online v. In-Store

Hey Curlies,

Should I order my natural hair or curly hair products online or shop in store?

I find often people ask about some of my favorite natural hair products and when I tell them I purchased them online, their face turns up and they say, “Who has time to wait? I want my stuff now.” While that’s fine, some of you all are really missing out on these online products.

Shopping for natural hair products

This post is to break it down for you. Tell you the pros and cons of shopping in-store and online for products, with a bonus of other places to find your favorite products in stores for cheap.

Shopping in-store

-You can physically see the product, touch it and smell it.
-You can tell if the item is popular by how much space the store has dedicated to the brand and how many of a particular item is left.
-You can ask store employees or other shoppers in the same area about a particular product
-The product goes home with you that day
-The product may be within a reasonable distance of your home
-If you are unhappy with the item, you can return it immediately
-There are too many items on the shelves to choose from (also a con)

-Your item of choice may be out of stock
-Your desired brand is not sold in a specific store
-Some retailers charge different prices for the same item
-There are too many items on the shelves to choose from
-Dealing with unprofessional employees and rude customers 
-Some great small business brands are only available online

Shopping online

-Chances are you know what brand you desire –because you’re on their website
-Many new/loyal customers may receive an extra discount for signing up for the company’s email list
-Discounts happen very often
-If shopping on a site with a variety of brands, you can filter out those you aren’t interested in
-You can narrow your search my product type: gels, mousse, styling creams, etc.
-Some brands offer video tutorials and extra tips on how to use the product
-If you aren’t happy with a product, some brands will offer other products in return or a “satisfaction guaranteed” model.
-Some times shipping is free
-Some brands have exclusive products online only

-You may receive defective items
-You have to wait until your product arrives
-Shipping is an extra expense
-You may be unhappy with the product (smell, texture, application process, too difficult, etc.)
-Many brands charge a shipping fee to return the product if you aren’t happy with it

Where can I find that deal?

Here are some out-of-the-box places you wouldn’t think to find hair care products. Here’s three of my favorite:

-T.J.-Maxx, Marshalls: If you’ve only been shopping in the clothing section of these stores, you are truly missing out! In the beauty section is where you will find name brand products for cheap.

-LuckyVitamin.com: I haven’t ordered from them yet, but it is on my list to within the next few weeks. They have everything! Everything! (hair gels, stylers, conditioners, you name it). Many of their products are contain all-natural ingredients as well. (and they’re very,very discounted)

-Grocery stores: I will say I think most grocery stores overprice hair and beauty items because they know its convenient for the shopper to purchase them as they are buying food, but sometimes you can find very good deals on clearance.

Do you shop mostly online or in-store?