2016 Focus

Hey Curlies,

I hope you all are off to a great start this year by planning ahead, opening yourself up to opportunities and sharpening your talents. I wanted to take a few moments to address the 2016 focus of For the last five years this blog has concentrated a great deal on my natural hair journey, hair care tips, self motivation and improvement. While I believe all of these are beneficial, I've decided to switch up a few things...

If you haven't notice, the banner was updated.

The items mentioned previously will remain but will also focus on self care through healthy living (I know this seems broad) and some aspects of my personal life as well.

Earlier this year I asked you all what type of information would you all be interested in reading and along with natural hair care, many people wanted to learn more about how to become more healthier all around. You all also wanted to learn more about myself outside of the hair care sector (career development, everyday items, etc.).

In short,'s 2016 goals are to:

I am so excited about what 2016 has to offer. When I say, "excited," I truly mean it. I have a great feeling about this year.

Just a few hints of what's in the works for this year, I will be hosting my own radio show very soon. Details are in the works and will come soon. I also will be hosting a variety of natural hair events (yes, Curls and Canvas is on that list!) Please stay tuned for great content, a healthy dose of support/motivation, giveaways and more!

In 2015 made some great strives toward success:

Thank you so much to all of those who read this blog! From those who have been rocking with me since 2010 to those who just began reading in 2016. Thank you!

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