Indianapolis Natural Hair Event: Curls & Canvas One Week Away

Hey Curlies,

Just a reminder, Curls & Canvas is exactly ONE WEEK away and I'm super excited to interact and meet some of my readers. The event will take place Nov.8 and will include tips on how to care for your hair this fall and winter season while we create art on canvas and sip wine. It's going to be fabulous!

Indianapolis natural hair event

If you plan on attending, please purchase your ticket as soon as possible. Please don't wait until the last minute( Nov. 7) as I want to ensure I will have enough materials for everyone. Tickets may not be purchased at the door. For more details, click here

I have lots of giveaways lined up for you all. Check my social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for sneak peeks. 

To register, click here and locate Nov. 8 on the calendar. Proceed with checkout from there. 

Natural Hair: #ThrowbackThursday Dec 2013

Hey Curlies,

I just wanted to share this week's natural hair #ThrowbackThursday photo. This collection of photos come from December 2013. It was one of my first curl former sets.

S/N: Curls & Canvas is almost a week away. Buy your tickets here.

Natural Hair: Achieve Big Hair

Hey Curlies,

How to achieve big hairThis weekend I rocked my biggest hair yet, and I absolutely loved it! The style was achieved by doing a loose braid out on stretched hair. How do you achieve a loose braid out? Simply leave your braids in for a shorter amount of time.

The day before the natural hair honors, I sported a bun on stretched hair. This was an old twist out I've worn for the past two weeks. See that twistout here. That night I lightly detangled my hair using my fingers, applied a light spray of water, then sealed in the moisture with Shea butter. I created about seven braids and tied them down with a scarf for the night.

The next morning I unbraided and was left with loose waves.

My mom and I
big natural hair

In short, you can achieve big hair by...

  • Start your styling process on stretched hair (old twist, braid out, roller set, etc.)
  • Use a small amount of a light moisturizer (water or leave-in conditioner)
  • Seal in the moisture with a heavy butter (Shea, mango, etc. butter)
  • Create 5-7 braids or twists and leave in overnight
  • Undo in the morning and lightly fluff
You've got big hair!

S/N: Someone inquired about my outfit during the Ohio Natural Hair Honors, the white tee came from TjMaxx, the pants from Nordstrom Rack and the Nine West shoes from Nordstorm Rack as well. The last two items were on sale!

Curls & Canvas is almost a week away. Buy your tickets here.

2015 Natural Hair Honors Highlights

Hey Curlies,

Just wanted to show you all a few highlights from the 2015 Natural Hair Expo and Honors. It was such a pleasure to receive an award and be recognized in the natural hair community. I connected with a few great vendors and will have some great products and tools to share with you soon.

It was also great spending time with my mother an aunt as I don't get to see them often.

I'll have a separate post with details on my hair.

Megan Davis of The Kitchen Salon, LLC and myself.
Thank you Megan!

The award I was presented with.

My mother and I.

My mother, aunt and I.
Look for details on my hair and outfit in the next post...

S/N: Curls & Canvas is almost a week away. Buy your tickets here.

2015 Natural Hair Honors Event...I'm on the Road!

Hey Curlies,

I've hit the road and in the city of Toledo, Ohio for a natural hair event. Tomorrow I'll be at the 5th Annual Natural Hair & Beauty Expo in the city.

Toledo natural hair events

Toledo natural hair expo

I'll also be honored during the program and I'm super excited. Tonight I put a couple of braids in my hair for a braid out using shea butter. Tomorrow I'll have outfit and hair photos!

Natural Hair: Twist out Day 3 & 4

Hey Curlies,

twist out day three

I'm still rolling with this twist out and it's been about four days since I untwisted. What's my secret to a long lasting twist out? You can read about that here and here (it's a throwback but same rules apply) but I have a few photos to share.

Recap: My hair from day one:

natural hair twistout
Very defined

My hair from day three:

twist out day three
Fluffy hair

day three twist out

See the difference? I love this twist out style more and more everyday because it gets bigger and bigger!

My hair day four as I went to a gala for the night:

day four twist out

Last night I applied some Skinny & Co. coconut oil directly to my scalp and hair and will probably wear a bun until wash day.

S/N: Curls & Canvas is almost a week away. Buy your tickets here.

Natural Hair: Twist out on Stretched Hair

Hey Curlies,

Hair update: I wore my two-strand twists for a week and a half and wore a twist out for a big work event I attended. This twist out was done on stretched hair.
The newspaper I work for, the Indianapolis Recorder, celebrated its 120th anniversary this past Thursday and I knew since I would be speaking, I wanted great looking hair.

natural hair twist out

twist out on natural hair

defined twist out

twist out on stretched hair

My job's very successful anniversary event

The great thing about this style is, it look better each day! My hair gets bigger and bigger as time goes on adding more body and thickness. I love it!

Have you gotten your tickets to Curls and Canvas on Nov. 8? Get details here.

Natural Hair: Why I don't Shop (as often) in the Ethnic Hair Care Aisle

Hey Curlies,

Can we have a real talk? Like a real, real talk...about the "ethnic hair care aisle?"

Ethnic hair care aisle
In previous post some years ago, I mentioned to you all how I believe this section of hair products is a clear marketing scheme to keep our community limited to certain product variations and prices.

When I tell people some of my favorite brands, outside of Shea Moisture, most friends and family members make a weird face. Why is that? Because they are TRESemme, Aussie Moist, Aubrey Organics and others...products marketed to people who aren't of color.

Think about it. Many of the products in the "ethnic hair care aisle" or the "Black people" section as many friends call it, have very pricy stickers on them. Some products in double digits. I'm not saying products in other areas outside of this section can't be expensive, but it seems as if "our" products cost a little more.

Honestly, I can't remember the last time I've purchased a product in this section. Maybe because they are full of mineral oil and petroleum jelly. Or maybe it's because I achieve better results with some the "non-Black" products.

Is natural hair expensive?The purpose of this post isn't to bash products in the "ethnic hair care aisle" but to open up someone's thought of exploring other products in that same aisle. You never know what you'll find. I had never used the previous brand mentioned before going natural, but at the time of my transition, I was willing to try any and everything to gain softer hair. Now five years later, many of these products remain my favorite.

Just think about it...

Natural Hair Event: Curls & Canvas Less Than One Month Away

Hey Curlies,

Have you purchased your tickets to Curls & Canvas yet? Don't wait until the last minute to purchase tickets, seats are limited. There will be great giveaways, natural hair talk, painting...and wine :)

natural hair event

Get event details and tickets here.