How Long to Keep in Braids and Twists?

Hey Curlies,

With it being the summer and many ladies wearing protective styles, I've been getting questions about how long to keep in your braided and twisted styles.
how long to wear braids

Here's my quick tip for those wearing weave/extensions and those wearing their natural hair in these styles.

For weaved styles (using extensions) 
My recommendation is to wear styles, which require added hair for 4-6 weeks. Around this time your hair has begun to grow and honestly, it's probably in need of a good wash. You may have product build up from hair products used over the past weeks.

For natural braided/twisted styles
My recommendation is to wear these styles, in which you use your own hair to style, for no more than 4 weeks. This could be a bit off for your hair because everyone's hair texture is different. From experience, I know my hair begins to lock up around the end of the third week of wearing mini twists. Also consider what type of products you are using (sprays, styling creams, etc.). When I wore my mini twists for three weeks I noticed my hair beginning to lock up but my scalp was perfectly clean and healthy (thanks to coconut oil).

Note: Be sure to remember when removing any braided or twisted styles to be gentle and set aside enough time to take them out without rushing.

Note: Your hair will shed when you take down your hair. This is normal, I repeat...this is normal. Your hair sheds about 100-150 hairs per day and when you wear these styles, your hair doesn't get a chance to shed because it is styled. Naturally, when you take down your style, all of those shed hairs that would've came out, will come out. Don't be alarmed!

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Rainy Day Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Hey Curlies,

Every curly girl needs a few quick rainy day hairstyles for their natural hair when the weather calls for down pours. Summertime is supposed to bring sun and warm temperatures, but this summer I've found several rainy days that made me ask, "where is summer?"

There is nothing worse that rocking your cute (and planned, might I add) twist out, bantu knot out, etc. on a rainy day. Your goes from looking hot to humid in a matter of minutes.

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Here are a few of my quick styles for rainy days:

5 rainy day hairstyles for natural hair -ClassyCurlies

The Marley Bun

The Top Knot

The Lazy Bun


The Puff

The Crown Flat Twist

rainy day natural hair

Natural Hair: Preparing for Box Braids and Senegalese Twists

Hey Curlies,

Summer is a time where many of us curlies tend to wear protective styles such as box braids, Senegalese twists, kinky twists and similar styles. Caring for your hair while wearing these protective styles is a must, but caring for your hair before having the style installed is just as important.
Preparing for Box Braids and Senegalese Twists

My number one tip for installing a protective style previously mentioned is making sure the sections aren't too small. I've learned from experience (you see I haven't worn box braids since 2013) that small sections will help you say goodbye to your edges. I recommend sections at least an inch in height and width.

With that, here is how I prepare my hair for styles such as box braids, Senegalese twists and kinky twists:
  • Be sure to cleanse your scalp thoroughly using a clarifying shampoo. You don't want scalp build up before your style is even installed. Be sure to follow up with a moisturizing conditioner, focusing on the hair's strands.
  • Deep condition your hair using a moisturizing conditioner. Chances are you'll have your protective style in for longer than three weeks so be sure to treat your hair to a 30-minute deep condition.
  • Thoroughly detangle your curls. This well assist the styling process and save you from a headache later when your stylist finds it difficult to part through thick, curly hair.
  • Last, but not least, it is recommended to blow dry your own hair (if possible). You know your hair best and you know how much heat is too much. After blow drying, create chunky twists for easily handling later.
In addition, you may want to ask your stylist what type of products they will use while braiding or twisting. Some stylists may not want you to use products but if possible, use a few drops of grapeseed oil or coconut oil on your strands and ends.


Shea Moisture Giveaway Winner

Hey Curlies,

Thank you to everyone who entered the Shea Moisture giveaway. There were tons and tons of entries and I enjoyed engaging with you all over the past week.

Drumroll please...

The winner of the Shea Moisture giveaway is Michelle Amoako! Congratulations Michelle! Please send an email to to claim your prize.

Stay tuned for the next giveaway,

Natural Hair: Shea Butter Twistout, Part 2

Hey Curlies,

I've been wearing two-strand twists for the past week to prepare my hair for a twist out for a graduation I was attending.

I washed using my normal Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil shampoo and I followed up with Mill Creek Botanicals. I then used my new Superfruit Complex 10-in-1 Renewal System Hair Masque for the first time (review coming soon.) I used only Shea butter to style.

Twists in


Twist out with shea butter
Untwisted and fluffed

Shea Moisture Walgreens Haul

Hey Curlies,

If you aren't aware you are missing out! Shea Moisture has a BOGO FREE at Walgreens until Friday, July 17.

I decided to do a little shopping for myself during this sale. It's been quite a while since I've treated myself to a hair product. I've been wanting to try the Superfruit Complex line for a while now. Super fruit just sounds so healthy and enriching, right? Well I purchased the two products below, the Bubble Bath & Body Wash and the 10-in-1 Renewal System Hair Masque.

I've used the masque once, last Sunday, and I have some thoughts...but you'll have to wait for the full review. I want to use the product more than once for an accurate review.

In the meantime, I hope you've entered the Shea Moisture Giveaway.

Natural Hair: #ThrowbackThursday

Hey Curlies,

Here's today's natural hair #ThrowbackThursday photos. Normally I only show one, but I couldn't show one without the other. I did this style in May 2013 on stretched hair. You can still read all about it here.

Have a great day!

Natural Hair Style of the Day #13

Hey Curlies,

I just wanted to show you all my natural hair style which consists of an old twistout pulled into a high side puff. This is the twist out from this post.

Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Giveaway

Hey Curlies,

I realized the other day I haven't done a giveaway in a long time. I know Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil's line is very popular and its one I truly enjoy and have been using consistently since its release. I thought this would make a great giveaway for you all.

This giveaway is going to be slightly different than others in the past, actually a little easier on your part. To enter all you need to do is comment on posts on this blog ( That's it. I want your feedback on this site and the content I give you all.

Only complete comments will count as entries. I need complete thoughts. Don't cheat and only leave "nice hair" or something similar (these will be disqualified). I'm not asking for full paragraphs, but maybe a sentence or two. The more blog posts you comment on, the better chances you have at winning! Feel free to really dig back into this blog by using the archives on the right sidebar. There are some great posts.

The giveaway is open now until Friday, July 17 at 11 p.m.

Comment away!

Answering Your Natural Hair Questions: Q&A Video

Hey Curlies,

I finally got a chance to redo the Q&A video for the fourth or fifth time. In this natural hair Q&A video I address the following questions:

  • How often do you cows your hair?
  • What is your favorite line of products?
  • What styles promote hair growth?
  • How often do you detangle my hair?
  • What are your hair goals?
  • Tell us more about your career.
  • Would you ever relax your hair?
  • Have you ever thought of coloring your hair?

Natural Hair: Four Year Big Chop Anniversary

Hey Curlies,

Today is my four year big chop anniversary! It's so crazy to know that time has truly flown by. I remember the day I chopped off my hair in my parents' bathroom and the expression on my mom's face was priceless. She thought I'd completely lost it. I was criticized by multiple family members about my hair and now they all love it (now that it's longer).

Here are a few photos over my journey:

The very beginning


Shrinkage is real





Leela James Talks Natural Hair and Fashion

Hey Curlies,

R&B singer, Leela James

This is something I meant to post long ago but it must have slipped away from me. For all of you Leela James fans out there, this is for you! I did an interview with Leela a few months ago while she was in town for a concert.

Check out my interview here. She talks about her natural hair signature look and fashion.

Hope you enjoy!

Natural Hair: #ThrowbackThursday

Hey Curlies,

Today's natural hair #ThrowbackThursday photo comes from May 2012.

Look at my little twists! I can't believe my hair was that short at one time. Crazy huh?

Natural Hair: Shea Butter Twistout

Hey Curlies,

Shea butter twistout

For the Fourth of July holiday, I decided to challenge myself to doing a shea butter twist out. This is specifically more challenging for naturalists because we like to use several products when we style.

It's hard to admit, but mini twists have been on my mind lately. Last summer I said I would most likely never do them against because they took a lot longer to take down last time...but mini twists have been on my mind since I posted the Mini Twists Guide last week.

I haven't found the time to do them, but I'm planning to install them as of late July. I washed my hair using Shea Moisture's Black Castor Oil shampoo and conditioned with Mill Creek Botanicals Aloe Vera Conditioner.

I thoroughly detangled my hair and created about 15 twists using only Shea butter in about 30 minutes. I untwisted the next day and got this...

Happy Fourth of July!