Natural Hair: How to Choose a Hair Stylist

Hey Curlies,

How to choose a hair stylist:
At some point we all get tired of doing our own hair. We want someone to scrub our scalp for once, wash our strands and give our arms a rest from twisting for hours. If you feel like this, as I do sometimes, you may need to search for a stylist in your area.

How to choose a hair stylist

When I got my hair straightened a year ago, I put in lots of effort and thought into who I would allow to handle my hair. After doing my hair on my own for four years, I was convinced no one could do it the way I could. This may be especially important if you're trying a style you've never worn before, such as an iron out.

Here are a few things I took into consideration when choosing a stylist:

  • How long the stylist has been practicing their craft?
  • How long has the stylist held their license?
  • What is the quality of their work? (What do their photos look like?)
  • What experience do they have with natural hair?
  • What type of products do they use?
  • What tools do they use to detangle/what are their detangling methods?
  • How much heat is used throughout the visit?
  • Are you allowed to bring in your own products?
  • If installing braids, how tight do they braid?
  • If using heat tools, what temperature do they use?
  • If getting a trim, are they a "scissor happy" stylist?
  • How many clients do they schedule at once?
  • What is the estimated time to complete the style?
These aren't all of the questions you should keep in mind, but they are a place to start. You may want a stylist that only schedules one client at a time so your hair care can be the primary focus.

Once do do find a stylist, I would speak with them before your appointment about your expectations and what the process will be like. This way, there shouldn't be any surprises.

Natural Hair:Video Q&A

Hey Curlies,

I just wanted to update you all on the video Q&A. I've been having the WORST luck with this video. I've filmed it about five times and am having trouble converting the format.

I am going to keep trying though. Hopefully I will have it together by Tuesday. I will have an new post for you all tomorrow morning though.

NaturalHair: #ThrowbackThursday

Hey Curlies,

This week's natural hair #ThrowbackThursday photo is from a twistout in 2013. Many of these photos can be found on this site, but you have to big back a few years.

Natural Hair: Your Summer Guide to Mini Twists

Hey Curlies,

Mini twists tutorials? A guide for mini twists? How to care for your mini twists? It's all right here.

In honor of the summer season, I thought I'd share a few of my mini twist posts with you all. I haven't worn mini twists in almost a year, but that there isn't a reason why you shouldn't consider your own.
mini twists on natural hair

Below is everything you need to know about mini twists:

Mini twists with Shea Butter

Mini twists at week one 

Mini twists at week two 

How to moisturize and stretch mini twists

Mini twists nighttime routine

Curly mini twists

Mini twists at three weeks

Mini twist twistout 

Looking for the tutorial? Here it is:

Hope this helps! Makes me want to do some now... lol

Natural Hair: Got Henna?

Hey Curlies,

I've really got henna on my mind lately. If you don't know what henna is, it's a natural agent/powder derived of a plant used to condition, strengthen and color the hair. Also, if you've been following me for a while, I have used a form of "neutral henna," called Cassia Obovata, aka Cassia. It has the same effect as henna but without the color dye release. (Read about my experience here.)

Cassia application in 2013
But this time, I think I'm ready to take a leap of faith by using henna. Yes, my intention is to achieve a new hair color, although I truly adore my own natural color. I'm not sure ladies, I'm lost here...

I will have a decision soon. Let me know what you think I should do.

Natural Hair: Got a #Naturalhair question?

Hey Curlies,

I'm answering some of your toughest natural hair questions next Friday, June 26 by video and I want you all to pitch in. Ask the questions you've always wanted to know about natural hair or myself.

All questions should be sent to by June 26 at 5 p.m. The video will be posted that evening. I will update you all once it goes live.

Can't wait to read your questions!

Natural Hair: #ThrowbackThursday November 2011

Hey Curlies,

I found this super old picture of me from November 2011. This was about four months after my job chop. Pretty sure this was a twistout. Crazy how time flies! I'll be sharing more #TBT photos in the future.

Natural Hair: Rachel Dolezal, What's Up With Your Hair?

Hey Curlies,

Now, you all know I work for an African-American newspaper so I am thoroughly caught up on the Rachel Dolezal situation and I won't go into my personal feelings here, but I did come across a video I found very interesting.

Melissa Harris-Perry recently did an interview with Dolezal about Black hair. Watch below and let me know your thoughts.
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Natural Hair: Perm Rod Updo

Hey Curlies,
Perm rod updo on natural hair

In my last post I spoke about changing hairstyles and doing a perm rod set for a wedding I was going to (which was great!) I decided to do a perm rod updo.

I washed my hair using Shea Moisture's Black Castor Oil line and conditioned with Milł Creek Botanicals Aloe Vera Conditioner.

I rolled my hair using mostly orange perm rods and a few purple ones in the front. I only used coconut oil for the set, nothing extravagant. The goal was to make sure the hair lasts throughout the wedding.

Perm rod set  on natural hair

After letting my hair dry overnight ( my hair was set on damp hair ), I unrolled and then separated. Once I did this I found it didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it, so I came up with an Updo style.

Perm rod updo on natural hair

Using a piece of pantyhose, I created a cute, curly side puff.

Natural Hair: Flat Twist Crown

Hey Curlies,

How I completed a flat twists crown:

I've been wearing my hair in a puff for quite some time and have kept my regimen pretty simple, but I want to break away from puffs and tune into my more creative styles. I will be attending a wedding this weekend and I want to wear a perm rod set. Instead of washing my hair this past Sunday, I decided to make time for it during the week to get a fresh set.

On Sunday I did cowash my hair using Milł Creek Botanicals Aloe Vera Conditioner and used my D.I.Y. Spring/summer hair moisturizer on damp hair.

My hair was soaked in this photo

I then styled as so...
Flat twists crown

My hair will be this way until Thursday evening when I will do the roller set for Friday.

Natural Hair: Spring/Summer D.I.Y. Hair Moisturizer

Hey Curlies,

How have you all been? I've been great. I have had lots of things going on and needed to take a small break just to concentrate on a few things.

But I'm back now and I have a few goodies in store for you all.

I want to introduce my Spring/Summer D.I.Y. hair moisturizer I've been using for the last couple of months.Not only are the winter months a difficult time to keep your hair moisturized and the warmer months are no different.

I've been using a lot of oils and butter along with a liquid to keep my hair in tip top shape. Here is my recipe for my Spring/Summer D.I.Y. hair moisturizer.

  • 1/4 cup of extra virgin coconut oil
  • 1/3 cup of pure shea butter
You may use any container you'd like but a jar may be better. It is also wise to combine the two with your fingers or a spoon since Shea Butter has a thick...well butter consistancy.

The brand of shea butter I use for the mix

NOTE: They key here is to use this mix after you've moisturized your hair with water, a leave in conditioner, aloe vera juice (etc.). I usually do this after washing my hair while my hair is damp.

Try out this little mix and let me know how you like it.

What's up next this week:
-Giveaway details
-Roller set details