Natural Hair: Tips and Tricks

Hey Curlies,

If you haven't read my article about some of my best hair tips, you are missing out!

Before you get all excited and say "Congrats! You were featured in a newspaper!" I just would like to point out that I wrote this and I work for this newspaper haha. A few people at work kept saying I should showcase my blog and finally I thought, why not?

The link to the online article is here:

Also, a few of you asked me about Part 2 of my series on colorism. Here is a link to that story as well:


Natural Hair: Cute Hairstyle for the Gym

Hey Curlies,

For the last few days it's been freezing outside. I'm not kidding, I'm talking negative temperatures. So lately I've been wearing tons of protective styles but since it's back in the 20s ( feeling like summertime over here haha), I decided to let my hair down a little.

The last time I wore my hair out was during the new year. For valentine's day I wore a braidout for only a couple of hours so that doesn't really count. I was trying to find a way to style my hair without being super lazy lol.

I washed my hair using Shea Moisture's Black Castor Oil shampoo and deep conditioned with Eden Body Works Jojoba Deep Conditioner. Let me tell you, my hair was sooooo dry before washing. Although I wore a protective style throughout the week, I didn't moisturize my hair correctly before doing the style. I literally slapped some oil in and called it a day...and we all know oil isn't a moisturizer!

Giving my hair some TLC, after deep conditioning I added a cream-based moisturizer and a new oil I'm trying out, which I will tell you all about soon!

Here is the quick style I did on damp hair.

Basically, I created a tuck n roll twist in the front and two-strand twists in the back. Maybe about 12 in total. Here was he twist out results the next morning.

My hair is very moisturized and soft. I wanted a style that would could handle my gym visits throughout the week.

ClassyCurly Motivation

Hey Curlies,

I've thought long and hard about what I wanted to highlight in this week's motivational post. There are tons of things we will always need, such as strength and love, but I decided to focus on talent.

Don't waste your talent by believing they are random things you enjoy. Most likely if you enjoy doing an activity, you also are pretty good at it. Don't let anyone tell you or make you feel as if you are too old, too young or not wise enough to perform your talent.

Seek and fulfill your purpose.

Be back tomorrow with hair updates!

Natural Hair: French Roll Protective Style

Hey Curlies,

After wearing a braidout for only one day, it turned into a tangled mess, I decided to create a quick French roll protective style updo before heading out to work.

Here is my style:

Long story short, it's two tuck and roll twists in the front and the back is french rolled upward and pinned down. It did take a lot of pins, but it lasted for the day and even through my workout!

Natural Hair: 3 Ways to Achieve a Clean Scalp

Hey Curlies,

A few years ago, I was beginning to have trouble getting my scalp clean. I would wash my hair every week and still find dandruff and product buildup on my scalp.

I couldn't figure out the solution and I'm sure if I experienced this issue once upon a time, so have many of you all.

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Clean scalp

Here are 3 ways to achieve a clean scalp:

  • Say hello to ACV. Speaking of ACV , if you can't find a product with ACV in it, that's OK. Simply add some to your shampoo bottle, but better yet, apply it directly to your scalp before washing. Fill a color/hair dye application bottle (with a nozzle tip) with half water and half ACV and apply the mix directly to your scalp. Letting it sit for about 15 minutes before shampooing will break up the buildup.

  • Use a shampoo brush . I know, I know, this goes against all the "rules" of natural hair. The "rules" say to massage your scalp with your fingertips when washing, but to be honest, my scalp doesn't get clean that way (sorry, but not sorry lol). I use a shampoo brush to achieve a clean scalp and not to mention, it feels so good! Using that shampoo brush is actually one aspect of wash day that I look forward to lol.

Try these three things and I'm sure you'll come out with a cleaner scalp.

Natural Hair: 5 Black-Owned Beauty Brands

Hey Curlies,

After my last post about brands many thought were owned by Black people, I decided to highlight some of the Black-owned brands in the community.

Jane Carter Solution

Miss Jessie's

Shea Moisture

Karen's Body Beautiful
OBIA Natural Hair Care

Now before you all jump on me, I know these are not the only Black-owned brands. Please leave some of your favorites in the comment box so that others may become aware.

My Life Update: Fitness Motivation and A Writer's Dream

Hey Curlies,

Outside of hair and beauty care, I love to update you all on what's going on in other parts of my life. So in my last "Life Update" I talked about being on a health kick and shared with you all a few of the health books I've been reading.

Well for Christmas I got a Fitbit Flex (a fitness tracker that tracks your sleep, steps, calories..etc) and let me tell you...I'm obsessed! Haha. In the past, when it has come to exercise I've never been lazy, I just hadn't figured out a steady routine (sounds lazy, right?). I've always eaten really well and has been referred to as a "health freak" by my family but I've really taken this to a whole new level.

This little device is so motivating. Trust me! And if you're thinking "Maybe she's been paid to say that" you're wrong. If you've been reading this blog long enough, you know me better than that. Haha.

Not only have I established a steady workout routine, but it's almost like having a set of cheerleaders in your pocket while you work out. You can challenge friends to exercise and more. The first day I was only walking about 3,000 steps.

Anywho..enough of that. Bottom line is I have been working my butt off in the gym. I strength train,  run (well learning to run faster) haha and participate in group fitness classes and I honestly have never felt better!

Outside of fitness, I've also been working on partnering with a few companies to bring you all great giveaways, content and more!

Also I got a promotion at work! I went from staff writer to newsroom manager. How cool is that? Check out my latest story on Colorism here. It's very interesting!

Be back soon!

Natural Hair Feature on

Hey Curlies,

Have you ever been featured on There has been tons of ladies featured on here! 

If so I have a special graphic I'd like to introduce to you:

Feel free to share you hair features by using this graphic and don't forget to link back to them directly!

Natural Hair: 11 Beauty Brands You Thought Were Black Owned

Hey Curlies,

Upon doing research for another article, I came across a few items that surprised me. A lot of the beauty brands we use to today which are marketed toward the Black  community are not owned by Black people. Interesting?

11 Beauty Brands You Thought Were Black Owned 

  • Carol's Daughter: Purchased by L'Oreal in 2014
  • SoftSheen Carson: Owned by L'Oreal (Dark and Lovely, Roots of Nature)
  • Mizani: Owned by L'Oreal
  • African Pride, Dream Kids, ElastaQP, Profectiv, Relax & Refresh, GrowthRenew, and Profectiv Professional: Owned by Strength of Nature Global LLC.
  • Motions: Owned by Unilever
So what do you think? Are you offended that other groups are making money off of us or do you think it's pure talent to be able to create and market a product outside of their ethnicity?

I want your thoughts!