Hairstyle of the Week: Loose Waves on Natural Hair

Hey Curlies,

Just wanted to update you all on this week's natural hair style of the week. To create loose wave I washed my hair with Bask & Bloom's Gentle Herbal Cleanser and conditioned with TRESemme Naturals Conditioner .

loose waves on natural hair

I after twisting on damp hair I applied Bask & Bloom's Leave-in Conditioner, then followed up with Bask & Bloom's More Moisture Cream before twisting. I split my twists into two sides and banded each side together as shown below. Banding helped stretch my twists out to give off the "loose waves look." Unbanded twists would have shrank and resulted in very defined texture.

I then crisscrossed the two sections in the back and pinned them down. I wore my hair like this for about three days. This morning I untwisted, fluffed and moved on.