Natural Hair: Wash Day Ft. Bask & Bloom Essentials

Hey Curlies,

Last week I got to try a new line of products: Bask & Bloom Essentials, LLC during my wash day. While this line of products is new, I'm very familiar with the owner, as she recently changed the name of her company from L.A.C.E. to Bloom & Bask. I'll have a product review on these products later this week.

Since my hair was stretched from my last style, I used a paddle brush to thoroughly detangle then I hoped in the shower and proceeded with wash day.

detangled natural hair
Detanlged hair
I washed with Bask & Bloom's Gentle Herbal Cleanser, conditioned with TRESemme Naturals and styled with Bask & Bloom's More Moisture Cream and Conditioning Hair Tonic.
Surprisingly it only took about two hours to wash, condition and style my hair. Once I got out of the shower I put in some twists for a twist out later in the week.

My twists after four days

two strain twists on natural hair

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