Natural Hair: Why I don't Shop (as often) in the Ethnic Hair Care Aisle

Hey Curlies,

Can we have a real talk? Like a real, real talk...about the "ethnic hair care aisle?"

Ethnic hair care aisle
In previous post some years ago, I mentioned to you all how I believe this section of hair products is a clear marketing scheme to keep our community limited to certain product variations and prices.

When I tell people some of my favorite brands, outside of Shea Moisture, most friends and family members make a weird face. Why is that? Because they are TRESemme, Aussie Moist, Aubrey Organics and others...products marketed to people who aren't of color.

Think about it. Many of the products in the "ethnic hair care aisle" or the "Black people" section as many friends call it, have very pricy stickers on them. Some products in double digits. I'm not saying products in other areas outside of this section can't be expensive, but it seems as if "our" products cost a little more.

Honestly, I can't remember the last time I've purchased a product in this section. Maybe because they are full of mineral oil and petroleum jelly. Or maybe it's because I achieve better results with some the "non-Black" products.

Is natural hair expensive?The purpose of this post isn't to bash products in the "ethnic hair care aisle" but to open up someone's thought of exploring other products in that same aisle. You never know what you'll find. I had never used the previous brand mentioned before going natural, but at the time of my transition, I was willing to try any and everything to gain softer hair. Now five years later, many of these products remain my favorite.

Just think about it...