Why So Many Natural Hair and Beauty Subscription Boxes?

Hey Curlies,

If you haven't noticed, there is an abundance of natural hair and beauty subscription boxes on the market. Hair and beauty companies have really tried their best make their brands available to the natural hair community because they know where the money is. I will only mention four boxes here, but while doing research, I found over seven marketed toward women of color. Interesting?

natural hair and beauty subscription kits

Through my time as a blogger, I've personally used two of these services. The first, Curlkit. Curlkit was the first box I was exposed to and was very convenient for me as a new natural looking for new products. I paid $20/month for a monthly kit which I utilized for about a year. After I ended my subscription due to having too many hair products, I began partnering with the company.

I've also tried the Onyx Box, a beauty kit for women of color. I was chosen to be a Onyx Girl beauty ambassador and prior to the partnership, I had not heard of the service.

I do know CurlBox is a service that's in high demand and the Essence Beauty Box is fairly new. 

What do you think of these subscription kits and which have you tried? If you'd tried several, what's truly the difference? Help a fellow curly girl out who may be reading this!