Natural Hair: Low Marley Bun

Hey Curlies,

After I ran out of time to wash and style my hair the way I wanted, I decided to do a low Marley bun. This week I'm attending a journalism conference and I wanted a professional and low maintenance style.

I started off by washing and conditioning my hair. You may use whatever products you have on hand. After hopping of the shower, I applied ApHogee's Provitamin leave-in conditioner , then coconut oil generously.

From there I used my hands to smooth my hair back into a bun. I used Eco Styler gel (yes, I used real gel...I didn't have time to make my flax seed gel) and a brush to style. I did not detangle during the process as I didn't feel it was necessary.

I put a scarf on to ensure my hair was a flat as possible, then wrapped the Marley hair around my original bun.

marley bun on natural hair

low marley bun

natural hair styles for work