Natural Hair: Perm Rod Updo

Hey Curlies,
Perm rod updo on natural hair

In my last post I spoke about changing hairstyles and doing a perm rod set for a wedding I was going to (which was great!) I decided to do a perm rod updo.

I washed my hair using Shea Moisture's Black Castor Oil line and conditioned with Milł Creek Botanicals Aloe Vera Conditioner.

I rolled my hair using mostly orange perm rods and a few purple ones in the front. I only used coconut oil for the set, nothing extravagant. The goal was to make sure the hair lasts throughout the wedding.

Perm rod set  on natural hair

After letting my hair dry overnight ( my hair was set on damp hair ), I unrolled and then separated. Once I did this I found it didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it, so I came up with an Updo style.

Perm rod updo on natural hair

Using a piece of pantyhose, I created a cute, curly side puff.