Natural Hair: How to Choose a Hair Stylist

Hey Curlies,

How to choose a hair stylist:
At some point we all get tired of doing our own hair. We want someone to scrub our scalp for once, wash our strands and give our arms a rest from twisting for hours. If you feel like this, as I do sometimes, you may need to search for a stylist in your area.

How to choose a hair stylist

When I got my hair straightened a year ago, I put in lots of effort and thought into who I would allow to handle my hair. After doing my hair on my own for four years, I was convinced no one could do it the way I could. This may be especially important if you're trying a style you've never worn before, such as an iron out.

Here are a few things I took into consideration when choosing a stylist:

These aren't all of the questions you should keep in mind, but they are a place to start. You may want a stylist that only schedules one client at a time so your hair care can be the primary focus.

Once do do find a stylist, I would speak with them before your appointment about your expectations and what the process will be like. This way, there shouldn't be any surprises.