Natural Hair Quick Tip: Hair Product Causing Flakes?

Hey Curlies,

Hair Product Causing Flakes?

I got a question a few weeks ago about a reader who is experiencing flakes after using certain hair products. Here was my quick tip for her.

Hair Product Causing Flakes?

Q: Why am I experiencing flakes after using certain hair products? (Shea Moisture & Giovanni)

A: You bring up a great point, not every product will work the same for everyone. Since you've experience flakiness from multiple products, I would love to know what other products you are also using along with those conditioners. I learned  the Cantu brand doesn't work well for me, but may work well for others. It flakes on me constantly. I also learned when I use multiple products layered on top of one another, they may not always mix well, causing flakes. It doesn't mean the product doesn't work well, it just doesn't work well in combination with other brands. Be sure to pay attention to what products you are using and make note. Some products are made to be used alone.

Hope this helps!