Natural Hair: Flat Ironed Hair, Five Years Natural

Hey Curlies,

What five years of flat ironed natural hair looks like:

As mentioned before, I did get my hair straightened this weekend, along with a much needed trim. I decided after my first flat iron last year, I would visit the salon once a year to a trim and straighten. On Instagram I shared a sneak peek photo...

Straight hair at five years natural
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I walked into the salon with a very old bantu knot out I turned into a low puff.

After the wash and condition
Let me tell you, it felt so nice to have someone else scrub my scalp! She washed and conditioned my hair, to be honest I'm not truly sure what product line she used, but she is well trusted and I was simply enjoying the moment of relaxation.

She then blow dried my hair using the tension method and flat ironed small pieces. Overall the entire process took about two hours...not too bad!

Straight hair at five years natural

Straight hair at five years natural

I loved the way it turned out and I also realized, and the stylist confirmed it for me, I have very fine strands. While there are many strands, they are fine. My natural styles always appear thick because my curl pattern is very tight and densely packed together.

I think my hair grew  a few inches over the last 10 months, but I probably lost some of that during the trim, but I don't mind. I'll take healthy hair over length any day. My next trip to the salon probably won't be until fall 2016.