Natural Hair: Cute Hairstyle for the Gym

Hey Curlies,

For the last few days it's been freezing outside. I'm not kidding, I'm talking negative temperatures. So lately I've been wearing tons of protective styles but since it's back in the 20s ( feeling like summertime over here haha), I decided to let my hair down a little.

The last time I wore my hair out was during the new year. For valentine's day I wore a braidout for only a couple of hours so that doesn't really count. I was trying to find a way to style my hair without being super lazy lol.

I washed my hair using Shea Moisture's Black Castor Oil shampoo and deep conditioned with Eden Body Works Jojoba Deep Conditioner. Let me tell you, my hair was sooooo dry before washing. Although I wore a protective style throughout the week, I didn't moisturize my hair correctly before doing the style. I literally slapped some oil in and called it a day...and we all know oil isn't a moisturizer!

Giving my hair some TLC, after deep conditioning I added a cream-based moisturizer and a new oil I'm trying out, which I will tell you all about soon!

Here is the quick style I did on damp hair.

Basically, I created a tuck n roll twist in the front and two-strand twists in the back. Maybe about 12 in total. Here was he twist out results the next morning.

My hair is very moisturized and soft. I wanted a style that would could handle my gym visits throughout the week.