Natural Hair: Perm Rod/Cold Wave Set Part 1

Hey Curlies,

My protective style from last week did me wonders and now its time to move on to my perm rod set! It was so convenient to simply wake up, take my scarf off and proceed with my day. This style also helped my hair stay moisturized and I didn't have to do anything extra all week.

natural hair protective style

Currently as I'm writing this post at 10:30 p.m.(as an ice storm is rolling by), I'm sitting under the dryer and praying my hair dries by the morning. I've been wanting to do a roller set for some time now but I didn't have access to a hooded dryer. Not to say you can't do a heatless set, but my hair just takes forever to dry. I finally took back my hair dryer from my mother and purchased more rods.

In the past I've done this type of set but my problem was perspective. I was hoping my hair would come out silky and almost straight-like and after each time that didn't happen, I said it was a "failed attempt." Now I am more skilled on what my hair can do and know I will most likely never get a silky set, maybe with my curlformers, and I should appreciate the style for what it is.

Let's get started:

perm rod set on natural hair

I washed my hair using Shea Moisture's Jamaican Black Castor Oil shampoo and conditioned with TRESemme Naturals. The only products I used are the ones above: ApHogee Leave in Conditioner and Nubian Heritage's Honey & Black Seed Mousse. I used one and a half pack of the orange and almost two of the purple.

After taking down my protective style, this is how I looked. I almost didn't want to wash my hair.

I usually can't tell when my hair has grown, but these pictures are proof!

I honestly didn't use any special technique and I didn't worry  about trying to roll all the way to the scalp or creating perfect sections. As a matter of fact, I didn't even use comb to create sections. I detangled each piece with a wide-toothed comb, then followed by my Denman brush. I applied the leave in conditioner and then the mousse.

perm rod set on natural hair

I don't know WHY I bought these small rollers. My hair is too long for them so next time I'll explore other sizes.

Check out my results here.

Stay warm!