Natural Hair: How to Maintain a Roller Set

Hey Curlies,

The roller set I did last week turned out fabulous and I lasted for three days.

By day four I wore a headband and no longer sported the curly bangs.

On Friday my job had a big awards dinner and I wanted to look nice. I ended up pulling my hair up into a puff.

And today my curls are still there but the style isn't so much...

This style was very convenient in that I hardly had to do anything for upkeep. I simply slipped on a bonnet and went to bed each night. In the morning I fluffed and gently pulled down the curls toward my face. That's it! I didn't use any additional products during the work week but did moisturize with water, Shea butter and coconut oil.

I'm not sure how I'm going to do my hair for this week but I'm tempted to do another roller set using a different technique. Tomorrow do have a work a few events but I am relieved of my office duties so I will take advantage of the day.

Be back tomorrow!