Natural Hair: 2015 Hair Goals

Hey Curlies,

Each year I do a post about a few goals I have not only for this blog but personally as well. You can see my last year's goals here. I reviewed that post a few days ago and found that I met a few of my goals and some I did not.

Random moment: Again, I just want to say thank you to everyone who reads and supports this blog. I love hearing from everyone and as many emails as I get thanking me for helping you all through your natural hair journey's you all are just as an inspiration to me! I know 2015 will be great for all of us!

2014 blog goals met:

  • I do have ClassyCurlies T-shirts and other merchandise available. For details, click here.
  • I did get to attend The World Natural Hair Show in Atlanta and I had a ball! For photos, click here.
  • I did attend about 3-4 natural hair events this year in Indianapolis. I even hosted my own natural hair Q&A on International Natural Hair Meetup Day. Details are here.
The only goal I didn't meet involved a Facebook party. I wasn't sure how well this would go over with everyone so I decided against it, but if you all think it would be worthy, let me know!

2014 hair goals met:
  • One of my goals involved achieving mid-back length hair, and I'm not sure exactly if this has happened. I haven't done a length check since May. I will jump on this ASAP and get back to you all.
  • I did get my hair straightened for the first time in four year and I had a great salon experience. For details, click here.
  • I did get to experiment with Cassia, a natural power. For application details, click here.
2015 goals:
  • Get my hair professionally straightened and trimmed each May
  • Experiment with more DIY deep conditioners
  • Travel to a few natural hair events
  • Interact with my readers more often