My Life: Update

Hey Curlies,

Been kind of busy lately. I started my new job last week and I really like it! I get to write about all kinds of things which is really cool. I also moved a few weeks ago so I am still settling in and rearranging furniture.

I love the area a live in because their is a variety of things to do. I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio and just recently moved to Indianapolis, so I am still figuring things out. I spotted a Pilates studio close by and I really want to try going to a class.

I actually bought a DVD to test the waters but I would like to incorporate more physical activity into my daily routine. So whether that be the class or biking (there's a cool bike-sharing program downtown) I just want to get moving. I am a healthy eater by nature, but a little extra movement wouldn't hurt, especially since I sit at a desk majority of the day.

Haven't done much with my hair lately. I am hoping to wash it this Friday and twist it up, which I'm really excited about. Talk to ya soon!

Natural Hair: Accepting who you are

Hey Curlies,

Can I be honest today? You know, have one of those heart to heart conversations with you all?

A few weeks ago I got a request to cover this topic. The topic of accepting yourself and your natural hair texture after finding that it's not what you thought it was going to be.

To me, the core of "being natural" not only has to do with my hair, but throughout the years I've learned it's about being in-tune with yourself and accepting yourself no matter what.

So maybe you don't have "good people hair"(3a,b and c), but if that's how you feel, I'd tell you this...

via Pinterest

Even if you love your hair texture...finding the really issue is what's important.

And if you think you won't attract a partner, I'd tell you to read this:

What men think of natural hair

Wondering what women think?..of course they love natural hair, that's why we stare at one another..duh..haha.

If you thought this journey would only be about hair care, then your wrong. Many of us who have transitioned from relaxed hair tend to hide behind our hair. I say many, but not all.

We hide behind our straight strands fearing the curl at our roots and focused our time on blending in with the rest of society.

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” 

                                                                    ― Dr. Seuss

When I first big chopped, I'm not going to lie, it took some time to get used too. I knew it's what I wanted to do, but at first glance in the mirror I could say I looked...different. At this time none of my family members or friends were natural...just me, taking the plunge alone. (see all my old posts using the archive in the right column)

I wore my hair for two weeks and continued to struggle with styling and just the overall confidence to rock it, so I wore kinky twists.

At some point during that time, I truly began to find myself. Being natural is literally what you make it and for me it's not so much about outward appearance as to how you feel inside. I'd rather have an afro I can't comb through than struggle with the confidence to wear it.

Since being natural, my self-confidence has skyrocketed. Not that I'm the conceited type of any sort because that's not me. I'm simply laid-back and humble Victoria (with a sparkle of confidence) because that's who I've learned to become.

I like this community because it's not just about hair and if it was, I probably wouldn't be as involved. It's about more. So when you struggle accepting your appearance or even having the confidence to show the world who you truly are, remember it's about being "in-tune" with yourself.

ClassyCurly Motivation: #11

Hey Curlies,

You all know I love quotes! Here is one that truly spoke to me:
via Pinterest
Life is full of rejections and you don't completely understand that concept until it directly hits home. I spent the last five months looking for a job. If you aren't aware, I'm a recent college graduate with a degree in journalism. If you have any clue about this field you know that finding a job can be difficult. It's about finding connections and showing your skills in a whole new way.

At some point during my search I got discouraged. All of the "no" emails I received only motivated me to keep going. Out of all of those people, someone is going to say "yes" for all of the right reasons. Long story short, I was offered a full-time position a month before crossing the stage and earning my diploma. It's all about persistence and faith!

Have a great week Curlies,

Natural Hair: Braidout on Shoulder Length Hair

Hey Curlies,

For my event yesterday(check out the coverage here) I decided to do a braidout. It is a quick and easy way to style my hair, but takes a bit of ahead planning to get the results I'm looking for. This is my first natural style since my last flat iron.

To start I washed and styled my hair using the products below:

I applied the herbal oil to each section, detangled with a wide-toothed comb and  then applied a small amount of shea butter to my ends and overall hair.

I had about 10-12 braids:
Braids on damp hair
I did not use a comb or try to achieve nicely parted hair because once I unbraid I didn't want them to show or become too permanent.

I left the braids in overnight and the entire next day. This was to be sure the braids dried completely. The next day I applied a little oil to my hands and took down the braids.
Separated and fluffed

Final look

Natural Hair: International Natural Hair Meetup Day Indianapolis 2014

Hey Curlies,

I've been flooding your timelines with promo fliers of the International Natural Hair Meetup Day events in my city. If you aren't sure what this is click here.

This is one of my favorite days in the natural hair community because I know that not only is my city holding an event, other cities across the world are also holding similar events dedicated to natural hair, beauty and wellness.

I had a great time at the event. Their were vendors, a panel discussion and product demos. Here are a few photos:

MC Camille Mason

Naturalistas in Nap entry table

Carmen Glenn, local author

One of my fav curlfriends luvbeinnatural on YT



Darice Rene, Founder of Naturalistas in Nap

Rochelle, Founder of Dominique's Enterprise
The panel discussion I led turned out great! I had a wonderful time with the panelist! Have a great day Curlies!

Natural Hair: Curls Back After Flat Iron

Hey Curlies,

My curls are back!! I finally got a chance to wash my hair.

Here were the products I used:

-Africa's Best Herbal Oil
-Avalon Organics Nourishing Lavender Shampoo
-Avalon Organics Nourishing Lavender Conditioner
-Butters and Bars Organic Shea Butter

I'm actually really happy to have my curls back. Don't get me wrong, I also liked my straight hair, but curls are where my heart is.

A lot of people say straight hair is easier and it truly depends on the perspective. I couldn't stand wrapping my hair every night. The second I got sleepy and comfortable my inner hair goddess was constantly reminding me to find my paddle brush and satin scarf.
With conditioner
At times I wasn't sure what I wanted to do...if I wanted to wear it up or down. I don't know haha. I wore a few different styles, but most of the time I let it brush my shoulders.

After washing I let my hair towel dry for about 30 minutes then divided into 12 sections for braiding. I applied the herbal oil first, detangled then applied a dime-sized amount of Shea butter focusing more on the ends. Once I was done braiding I tied a scarf on my edges and the rest is history...

If you're wondering...

No, I did not experience any heat damage and it didn't take long for them to revert. My curls came back to life as normal :)

Stacked Top Knot on Flat Ironed Natural Hair

Hey Curlies,

Just a quick update on my hair. I am still wearing my hair straight...well kinda. It was still pretty smooth for the most part until yesterday. I got caught in the pouring rain while grocery shopping and we all know what happens next.

I will be washing my hair tomorrow. I am hosting a natural hair Q&A panel Saturday and most likely will do a braidout.

Before half of my hair began to revert(literally, the perimeter roots are curly and the crown in straight, with straight ends) I wore this cute stacked bun.

I've been added a small amount of Africa's Best Herbal Oil daily to my roots and ends. Nothing too special but honestly, I miss my curls and my puff

I'll be back with curls!

Natural Hair & Beauty: Merchandise

Hey Curlies,

I am always extremely thankful when I get emails from you all asking for advice or simply praising the site. It's really a blessing! If you haven't heard, I do have merchandise for sale at affordable prices!

T-shirts: $10 (you may choose crew or v-neck style)
Mug: $8
Tote bag: $12

**Free shipping on all items**

Please email me at to order. Again, I TRULY appreciate all of the support you all have given.

Natural Hair: Celebrities with Healthy Natural Hair

Hey Curlies,

I've been spotting a few cool photos on Instagram, especially pertaining to the natural hair community. Most of us are aware that many celebrities wear weaves. It's a given. What I find interesting is that not only do some of them have healthy hair underneath, they are showing us through photos. Check out the ones I've spotted.

Nicki Minaj

Gabrielle Union

Angela Simmons

Jada Pinkett Smith

Celeb Families

Crazy huh?

Have a great day Curlies!

International Natural Hair Meetup Day: Indianapolis

Hey Curlies,

International Natural Hair Meetup Day(INHMD) is approaching soon! Of course I will be attending events in Indianapolis and I am so excited to share with you all the overview of the events.

What is INHMD?

If you aren't sure what INHMD is, basically it is one day where women with natural textures come together all around the globe to celebrate and embrace natural hair. Most big cities, and some small too will hold natural hair events sponsored by both big and small brands.

This year, Naturalistas in Nap, the natural hair group in Indianapolis, is holding a huge event! Here are some of the details:

I will be moderating the following panel above which I'm really excited about! There will also be something new this year: the V.I.P. mixer!

The Pre-Event VIP Mixer! 
• VIP Swag Bags 
• Styling, Products and Beauty Presentations 
• Networking and a Live DJ in a Great Atmosphere 
• Special Refreshments and 
• Individual Photos and Chill Time with Darice Rene and the Leadership Team
You still have a little over a week until the event, but don't wait until the last minute to purchase your tickets. For ticket information click here.

Natural Hair: Flat Ironed Hair Four Years Natural

Hey Curlies,

I finally got my hair straightened for the first time in 4 years!

I got my hair done at a salon in Indianapolis by a woman named Mahogany. The weird part was that I wasn't nervous at all! She used all Design Essential products.

It felt AMAZING to have someone else scrub my scalp! After washing she blow-dried in about six sections followed by the flat iron. She also trimmed my ends. The entire process only took about two hours! Crazy right?!

Here is what I started with...

I came into the salon with a huge puff

Washed and blow dried

Today is now day four hair. I haven't put any products in my hair since and have been simply wrapping it at night. I haven't wrapped my hair in forever!...I had to see if I still had it haha (and I do).

Overall I LOVE my hair! I think it came out amazing! I am considering going back maybe once a year for the same flat iron and trim...but I'll have to think about it.