Natural Hair: T-shirts

Hey Curlies,

The t-shirts are finally in! I've gotten  quite a few emails about when they would be in and they're here! I'm really excited about them. Here is what the shirt looks like, both a prototype and on myself. This should give you an idea of how it fits.

And yes it is only $10!! To order your shirt, email Payment must be through PayPal. I currently have only a limited amount of shirts however I will order more if needed. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

This style of shirt is also $10. Again, email me at for more info. More shirt styles to come!

ClassyCurly Profile: Bianca Golden From America's Next Top Model

Hey Curlies,

I have been excited about this feature since day one! Today I am featuring Ms. Bianca Golden from cycle 9 as well as the All-Star cycle of America's Next Top Model.

We all remember her as the model who was forced to cut all of her hair off during the makeover scene. Since her time on ANTM, she continues to work with Ford Models, appears on numerous TV shows and has been featured in fashion shows around the world.

This feature is unique because you all actually get to listen instead of read! Check out her natural hair profile.

Find her on social media!

Instagram, YouTube and Twitter: biancagolden

Photo Gallery:

Natural Hair: Hats and Two-Strand Twists

Hey Curlies,

Hope everyone is having a great Friday! Here is my current style. I've been wearing twists since Tuesday.

It's really cold outside so I've been wearing lots of hats. Just recently got a new one that I'll probably show off on Instagram today. Have a great day! TGIF.

Natural Hair: 3 Tips for Shortening Wash Day

Hey Curlies,

I can't be the only one trying to shorten their wash day times.

We all know washing and replenishing moisture into naturally curly hair is a challenge on its own. And don't even think about adding in a hot oil treatment or deep condition. It can be an all day process.

Three tips for shortening your wash day - ClassyCurlies

Here is the typical break down of my wash day:
Really fun huh? Yes, it does take a while...

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Each time I try to shorten my wash days because who has time for an all day process? Here are a few tips:

  1. Plan out products and hair styles before beginning. This will give you a realistic time of your journey ahead.
  2. Try detangling in the shower with conditioner instead of waiting until right before styling. It is so much easier!
  3. Create a strict schedule
I use number 3 often because I'm a "planner" and "organizer" at heart so this works perfectly for me. Here is a sample schedule below:
  • 11 a.m.-11:30 a.m.: Prepoo
  • 11:30 a.m.-11:50 a.m.: Wash/condition
  • 11:50 a.m.-Noon: Applying deep conditioning
  • Noon-12:30 p.m.: Deep conditioning
This schedule isn't finished, however you get the point. What are some ways you shorten your wash day?

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Natural Hair: Naturalistas in Nap and Mine, Naturally Meetup

Hey Curlies,

I attended the Sweet Meet and Greet yesterday evening put on by Naturalistas in Nap, a natural hair group in Indianapolis. The event was located at Mine, Naturally, the only natural hair store within the city.

I got a chance to meet a few new curlies and network a bit. The evening was full of games, music, line dancing and sweet treats including cotton candy and cupcakes.

Here was Friday's hairstyle: marley bun with a faux bang

 Other photos:
 The store carries local brands and more popular brands like Bee Mine, Mixed Chicks and Jane Carter's Solutions.
For more information about the store visit Mine,Naturally and for more information about Indiana's largest natural hair group visit Naturalistas in Nap.

ClassyCurly Profile: Hollin

Hey Curlies,

Check out the latest ClassyCurly profile featuring Ms. Hollin.

Name: Hollin B
Social Media Names:  @coco_butter4
Hair Type:   3B

How long have you been natural?:    
The last time I got a perm was April 15, 2010 and my perm was totally gone probably on my 20th birthday(June 2011).

Why did you go natural?:       
I went natural for many reasons. One being after watching the documentary Good Hair. The movie really broke down how relaxers are not healthy for you as well as the cultural side of it. It was an eye opening experience and if you are thinking about going natural I would watch this movie first! I also wanted to see myself for whom I was while trying something that others were afraid to at the time.

A short regimen you can share:        
I condition my hair 5-8 days a week and leave it in for about 20 minutes with a plastic bag while under the dryer to retain moisture.

I wash my hair about once a month to give it a good clean. By doing a shampoo once a month it limits the about of moisture lost especially in the winter time!

What are some of your favorite products?:  
It takes a lot for me to like a product so I only stick to a few.
  • Giovanni hair products are amazing!
  • Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
  • Argon Oil
  • Mizani Hair products
  • TRESemme Shampoo and Conditioner

 I'm open to trying new things when I want to spend money but often times products that we venture off and try are similar to products that we already have in house.

What are some of your favorite styles?:       
Twist out's are my favorite. I style from beginning until it is time to wash my hair again. I usually twist out and then do a style with the twist. Wear it curly for about three days and then begin new styles. The less curls it has then I do more up do's like buns, french rolls, and headband twists.

 I am not a big fan of braid out's because I can't ever do them right and they have a hard time blending after I take them down.

What is your most favorite and least thing about being natural?:   
Pros: My hair is completely healthy, I can do pretty much any style I want, I get to play around with products, no more beauty shop! lol, if I don't like a style all I need to is wash it and I can start all over.

Cons: A bad hair day is a BAD HAIR DAY, you have to constantly spend money because you go through more products, finding products that work for your hair, straightening my hair takes a very long time!

What is one piece of advice that all women should have(pertaining to confidence)?:         
Confidence is something that you grow into. There are various levels to it but when you get to the point where you are proud of yourself no matter what then you have reached maximum confidence.

 It is definitely hard not to compare yourself to other people but realize 1.everyone does it 2. It won't make you feel better 3. There is no one that can be you therefore you'll always be a superstar.

What natural hair bloggers/vloggers inspire you?:  
I don't have one per say because I like to see what everyone's style is and it makes me want to be more creative in my hair style but also fashion and diet lifestyles as well!

Do you have any advice on going natural?:  
Be PATIENT! You won't grow hair overnight. Natural hair is something that is beautiful and takes time to be done correctly. Natural is how we were born so know this is God's image of you therefore appreciate it.

Use this as a networking skill. Going natural will definitely get people talking asking you questions about how you maintain and even to different social events!

Natural Skin Care: Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Facial Mask Review

Hey Curlies,

A couple of days ago I posted this picture on my social media pages:

I've been trying to get a hold of this product for the last few months but my local stores are always out of stock or do no carry it. My friends over at Shea Moisture were kind enough to supply me with this product for review.

We all know I love almost anything natural-hair, body cleansers, facial products, makeup, you name it. Here is my review of..

Shea Moisture's Raw Shea Butter Facial Mask

What it contains:

Two different blends of all-organic shea butter,Stearic acid,Kaolin clay,Bentonite clay, Sodium Lauroy Lactylate,Jojoba oil,Vitamin E, Chamomile,Comfrey root extract, Essential oil blend,Extracts of frankinsense and Myrrh

What it claims to do:

-Help purify and soften to improve skin
-Clarifies skin while intensely hydrating


To cleanse and moisturize skin

My Review:

Upon opening the package to the product I realized how small 4oz actually is. I was used to the bigger jar that Shea Moisture uses to package their products. I then also realized since this product is for your face a little goes a long way and a huge jar probably isn't needed. I opened the top to find a substance similar to a natural clay in both color and smell. The aroma is very "earthy" and nature-like.

The texture was thinner than I thought it would be. I imagined it would be thicker, closer to their Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque, but it had a consistency of lotion. I used the mask twice and followed up with a different moisturizer each time(pure shea butter and Daily Moisturizer by Equate(Walmart brand).

I began on a freshly washed face using Avalon Organics Cleansing Gel

The first application I applied just enough of the mask to my entire face and let it sit for 10 minutes then rinsed with cool water. I experienced a slight burning sensation the first time but not the second time. I am not sure if it was because it was my first time using it or if it had something to do with the clays. I am happy to say I didn't experience the "stiff-face-syndrome" I usually get with masks. Normally my face becomes really hard and tight where I can barely smile(haha), but none of that here. I think this had to do with the blend of shea butters and essential oils.

Once I rinsed my face felt very soft and smooth, especially the time I followed up with the pure shea butter.Overall I give this product a 4 out of 5. I love the natural ingredients and the results however I wished the consistency was a little thicker.

Natural Hair: How to Scalp Massage Using Aloe Vera gel

Hey Curlies,

Every since I've been researching natural hair, I've read many articles on scalp massages. These are beneficial because they help increase blood flow to the scalp and therefore increases hair growth.

Some people massage their scalps with or without product, but most use their favorite oil. I've even heard of the inverted method where you massage your scalp for several minutes then place their heads between their knees so that blood flows to the scalp easily. I'm not sure if this method is for me, however it has been said to work for others.
My favorite scalp massage is to use aloe vera gel. I usually do this right before my wash and it has been very helpful. Once it got chiller outside my scalp became extremely dry and itchy. Aloe vera has many healing properties including moisturizing dry skin and includes dozens of amino acids and vitamins.

How to Scalp Massage Using Aloe Vera gel:

  • Divide hair into 4 sections
  • Apply the gel to finger tips only
  • Working one section at a time, apply the gel directly to the scalp
You'll find some gels are more watery while others and compact. I've found it depends on the brand you buy.

ClassyCurly Profile: Maya

Name: Maya
Social Media names: Twinheartbeat and Maya Sanders on facebook
Hair type: 3c or

How long have you been natural?  
I have been natural all of my life but recently just started on my healthy hair journey

Why did you go natural? 
I went completely natural because I was tired of the heat. I am a professional cheerleader which required hairstyles for me that used heat. I would get so excited when I washed it because I would see my curl pattern! 

Where or for what company do you cheer for?
The league I cheer for is the Charlotte hounds men's professional lacrosse team 

Are you the only one on your team who is natural?
No I am not! My twin sister is natural as well! We both have been natural our entire life. When we made the team we were very nervous about how our natural hair would hold up because we cheer outside! The first game of the season it poured! And our curls began to pop out! It's not that professional cheerleading doesn't accept natural hair, it's just that it is an image to uphold. But I for one would like to break that stereotype and embrace my natural hair on and off the field!

How has performance influenced your hair styles?
Performing wise I am going fully curly this season. Last season I dabbled in sew ins which was very pretty but weave and rain do not mix! I would look amazing at the beginning of the game but my hair would naturally curl up because I was dancing so hard and sweating. I wore my hair curly on the off season and it was like my hair was saying thank you so much! So I have decided to embrace that this season!

A short regimen you could share:
I wash my hair once a week with a shampoo and just seal with water and a conditioner. It sounds strange but works for me!

What are some of your favorite products? 
Tresemme Naturals and shea butter

What are some of your favorite styles? 
I love big buns! And wearing it all down!

What is your most favorite and least thing about being natural? 
Favorite is the versatility least is detangling.

What is one piece of advice that all women should have?
Be you! Don't let anyone tell you who you are.

What natural hair bloggers inspire you? 
Naturalneiicey taren916 picturemenatural

Do you have any advice on going natural?
Be patient and enjoy the journey!

ClassyCurly Self-Confidence: #5

Hey Curlies,

via Pinterest
Many of us make plans to do something big and become something even bigger, however we lack at taking action to make those dreams come true. Each day should be filled with goals and how we are going to achieve those goals. We must have a plan of action. Don't just let the days go by without feeling accomplished.

Natural Hair: Brown Butter Beauty Rhassoul Herbal Shampoo Bar Review

Hey Curlies,

For the past two weeks I have been using this rhassoul shampoo bar to cleanse my hair. I now feel as if I can give you all an accurate review. This product was sent to me by the team.

Brown Butter Beauty Rhassoul Herbal Shampoo Bar

What it's Made of:

Saponified extra virgin olive (olea europaea) oil, coconut (cocos nucifera) oil, cocoa (theobroma cacao) butter, safflower (carthamus tinctorius) oil, shea (butyrospermum parkii) butter, wheat germ (triticum vulgare) oil, castor (ricinus communis) oil, rhassoul clay, comfrey (symphytum officinale) root, burdock (arctium lappa), nettle (urtica dioica), neem (azadirachta indica), chamomile (matricaria recutita), calendula (calendula officinalis), marshmallow (althaea officinalis) root, raw apple cider vinegar, panthenol, patchouli (pogostemon cablin), tea tree (melaleuca alternifolia) oil.  *From Foxy*

What it Claims to do:

This Brown Butter Beauty Rhassoul Shampoo Bar is loaded with hair-loving herbs and nourishing oils. Organic patchouli helps stimulate hair follicles and promote hair growth, together with a touch of tea tree oil to help to control dandruff. Rhassoul clay is a great conditioning cleanser for the hair, detoxifing and removing impurities from the hair and scalp. Your hair will feel clean, soft and look shiny when you are done with this bar! (4 oz)  *From*


To cleanse hair

My Review:

Prior to this product I never used a shampoo bar. I heard of them but didn't really understand their purpose or how to use them. I then found out that one, I usually get more uses out of shampoo bars versus liquid and two, they usually contain more natural ingredients(or at least the ones I've run into).

I liked that all of the ingredients in this product were readable and recognizable. It contained all natural ingredients which is what I aim for. Although this product contains all-natural ingredients it still manages to lather extremely well which surprised me.

The only thing that caught my attention was the aftermath. My hair was very clean and even left a "squeaky-clean" sound. My hair did not feel the least  bit stripped, in fact it felt more moisturized, but I kept experiencing the noise...go figure. I'm sure it has to due with the oils and water mix.

Overall I give this product a 5 out of 5. I am challenging myself to use it for the next few weeks.

Beauty Care: Natural Skin Care Products

Hey Curlies,

I've been getting a few questions about my skin care regimen and wondering if I use all natural products. While I do not always use all natural products on my skin, about 70 percent of my skin care routine is all natural and organic.

Here are a few products I've been using lately:

Let me start off by saying my skin is a combination of dry and oily. More oily in the t-zone and because it's winter time it chooses to be whatever it wants on a daily basis. I do not wear makeup often with the exception of mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow. Foundation is what usually causes me problems. I currently use the CoverGirl Queen collection in Cocoa shade.

The Avalon Organics line I discovered early this past summer. I was just browsing through Target for a new face wash. It caught my attention because it says its 70 percent organic and the cleanser was a gel. Usually creamy face washes dry out my skin. I absolutely love this wash! This is my second bottle and it is another must purchase for me. It lathers up great and smells of oranges. It's top ingredients are Aloe vera juice, water, orange peel and lemon peel.

I bought the toner after my first bottle of wash but I don't find myself using it as often. Point blank, it's not my favorite but it gets the job done.

The Grapefruit Acne Spot Treatment by Citrus Clear was sent to me by a company for review. I've been using it for about two months now and it really seems to work. I love that it's main ingredients are organic herbs, organic aloe vera juice and witch hazel.

I also use three other products on my skin including pure shea butter, aloe vera gel and an oil-free moisturizer from Walmart.

If you'd like to know more about my skin care regimen, step-by-step just let me know.

Natural Hair: Wash Day and Two-Strand Twists

Hey Curlies,

I'm trying to keep up with consistent wash days and deep conditioning since it is so cold outside. It is currently a blizzard outside. Literally... the entire state of Indiana is under a winter storm warning. It's safe to say I'll be in the house for the next 48 hours.

I washed my hair using my Rhassoul Herbal Shampoo bar and deep conditioned with Aubrey Organics GPB Conditioner for about 45 minutes.
I really wanted to do mini twists, but...I changed my mind quick due to laziness. Mini twists involves blow drying (45 minutes to an hour) then twisting (6hours-8 hours). You can see why I changed my

I really just wanted a protective style because it is extremely cold outside. Simple two-strand twists is what I came up with. I twisted using ORI as a leave in conditioner and Kandy Curls Shea Butter Souffle.

Natural Hair Dictionary & Terminology

Hey Curlies,

If you haven't already noticed, I changed around the menu bar. I've added some things, got rid of some things and just simply moved some things around.

One thing I've decided to remove from the menu bar is the Natural Hair Dictionary page. I decided to just create a post for it instead. This way you all can still reference it, especially my new curlies.

Here are some terms that you might see or hear in the natural hair community

DC- Deep Conditioner

Baggy- Applying a shower cap after you have moisturized and sealed. Can be done overnight.

BSS- Beauty Supply Store

BC- Big Chop

BSL- Bra strap length (hair that touches the bra strap)

APL- Arm Pit length (hair that touches the arm pit)

ACV- Apple Cider vinegar *used to clarify scalp*

Co-wash- Washing with conditioner only in place of shampoo

Cones- Silicone (these are found in most conditioners and shampoos)

Creamy Crack- Relaxer or "perm"

Dusting (your ends)- trimming off a little more than 1/4 inch if your hair.

EVOO- Extra Virgin Olive Oil

MBL-Mid Back Legnth

PJ- Product junkie. A naturalista who is obsessed with buying hair products.

Pre-Poo- Conditioning the hair with a mixture of oils before cleansing the hair with a conditioner or shampoo. Leave on for at least 30 mins.

SSK- single strand knots aka fair knots. Knots that are hanging by one strand of hair.

TWA- Teeny- weeny afro

Transitioning- Growing out the relaxed hair to expose the natural texture

WNG- Wash and go. Co washing your hair and then adding a cream or gel to your hair to preserve the natural state of your curls.

Slip- Used when determining how slippery a product is. Usually applies to conditioners.

ClassyCurly Profile: Desiree

Hey Curlies,

Check out the latest ClassyCurly Profile!

Name: Desiree Bray
Social Media Names:  sonshynebray
Hair Type:       3c-4a combination hair
URL:     YouTube Channel


How long have you been natural?:    
I have been natural for 4 years

Why did you go natural?:       
My hair journey started when I graduated college in 2010 I was actually tired of the over processed and non curl my hair was giving me so I YouTubed and did my research on tons of different things for natural hair and found Taren Guy and she helped me learn a hair regimen that worked for me. My hair went from around 10-12 inches to 14-16 inches in months doing lots of deep conditioning and I dyed it blonde still the healthiest and longest it has ever been in my adult years. Deep Conditioning was my best friend lol.

However over time I changed jobs and now I work at a model agency in Los Angeles and for some reason I didn't have time to deep condition as often as I did because of later hours working and honestly I didn't realize how IMPORTANT deep conditioning was until now.

My hair is now back to the length it started at which is around 10-11, unfortunately. However, this time around on my hair journey I am going to be patient and happy with whatever my hair is giving me. This time around I can document it on my YouTube channel " Sonshynebray"

A short regimen you can share:        
- Shampoo (I never use the same shampoo anymore for some reason)
- All the Shea Moisture line conditioners
-Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
-Eco Styler Gel
-Then pick it out with a comb to make it big

What are some of your favorite products?:  
- All the Shea Moisture line conditioners
-Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
-Eco Styler Gel
-coconut oil

What are some of your favorite styles?:       
-big curly hair
-bantu knots

What is your most favorite and least thing about being natural?:   
The struggle lol. The inconsistency of hair growth. The fact that I have to take the time out every week to deep condition or my hair will be dry. These are my least favorite things. The most favorite is the freedom to rock an afro or wear big hair. I love big hair it’s an addiction.

What is one piece of advice that all women should have (pertaining to confidence)?:       
BE PATIENT. Don't allow anyone to make you feel ugly or tacky with your natural hair out because there will be lots of those people who just DONT GET IT. Ignore them and continue on your journey because I PROMISE THE END RESULT IS WELL WORTH THE STRUGGLE.

What natural hair bloggers/vloggers inspire you?:   
Taren Guy

Do you have any advice on going natural?:  

BE PATIENT!!!! Learn to love the hair and don't get mad or sad that it isn't growing fast enough or long enough. When my hair was long and healthy I COMPLAINED ALLLLL THE TIME at how it’s not growing and it’s not the length I wanted. Now I am back to square one and realize my hair was in such good shape length and health wise. So I guess just be patient and grateful during your hair journey.