Natural Hair: 70s' Inspired Updo Revisited

Hey Curlies,

In my last post I mentioned recreating my 70s'inspired updo. The first time I created this style was almost two years ago and wow has my hair grown since then! The style actually looks slightly different because of it.

70's inspired updo

Want to get this look? The directions are below.

I began washing, conditioning and blow drying my hair. You can read about this process here. NOTE: I did not do this style on freshly washed hair but it can be done.

Products/tools used: L.A.C.E.'s Supreme Herbal Butter, hair ties, rat tooth comb, bobby pins

Directions: Photos coordinate with directions read left to right, top to bottom
1. Begin with stretched hair.
2. Starting from the back, create a part beginning at the top of your ears. A super straight part isn't necessary.
3. Create a bun by attempting to secure the hair into a pony tail but only pulling half way through. Secure remaining hair with bobby pins.
4. Create another section above the first and repeat step 3.
5. There should now be two stacked buns.
6. Split the remaining top section of hair into three. One big section in the middle and two smaller ones on the sides.
7. Beginning at the ends of hair, twist the entire section until it can't be twisted any longer and pin the ends down. Pin any remaining loose hair down.
8. Gather the remaining two sections together and repeat step 3.
9. Enjoy your new style!

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