Favorite Health Books,Eating Clean & Quote

Hey Curlies,

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season because I know I am! I can't wait to put up the Christmas tree and decorate. Anyway outside of trying to soak up the holiday cheer, I've been really into improving my health. I've always been labeled as a "health freak" by my dad haha, but I've been putting in a lot more effort into staying healthy.

My health kick...

Its weird, I get a kick out of buying fresh fruits and vegetables then finding some cool recipe to try. I know, weird haha. Along with my many trips to my local Kroger and Fresh Thyme Farmer's Market, I also have been reading a lot on different health topics.

The first book I read was called "The Energy Bus" by Jon Gordon and it was fantastic! Actually, I picked up the book by accident at the library and decided to check it out anyway. It ended up becoming my favorite book out of all of my choices. It talks about staying positive and motivating others by transmitting your own positive thinking/actions to others. Bottom line: it is a great book.

I also read another called the "The Self Health Revolution" by J. Michael Zenn and this is one of those eye opening reads. I literally learned so much about the food and pharmaceutical industries. Doesn't seem like they go together right? I thought so too until I came across this book.

Life of a journalist...


In addition to reading, I wrote an article a few weeks ago about how a woman overcame infertility by completely eating clean and mindset. It was crazy. For the full story, click here.

Other than that, I've just been working in the newsroom. Check out a few of my other articles here, here and here. I work at an African-American newspaper if you were wondering why all of the articles are centered around African-Americans.

I leave you with this...

I recently heard Vivica Fox say during an interview with Oprah that we (society) miss out on life often. We are so busy trying to climb the ladder to the top that we forget to look around, absorb and appreciate our surroundings. She said many of her big career moments are a blur because she didn't take the time to appreciate the small things.

I thought that was pretty interesting!