Natural Hair Talk: Do High-Priced Hair Products Work?

Hey Curlies,

I am fully aware that the natural hair industry is climbing the ladder and of course all of the beauty companies want a piece, but some of these prices are out of hand. Do you agree? I am all for paying a higher price for high quality products, no problem. But when companies try to insult our intelligence by charging $50 for a bottle of mineral oil and harmful chemicals, it's like really?
One of the reasons I have this blog is to be honest about this industry and share our thoughts. With that being said...

Here are a few of the most expensive/high-priced hair brands I've come across:
Kinky Curly: $12-$21
While this brand is a little more pricey, I highly recommend trying this line! It took me a while to purchase the line because of the price tag, but it is definitely worth it. It is also made with fantastic ingredients.

Miss Jessie's: $22-$58
While I've only tried a sample size of the Quick Curls product, I honestly could not discover the hype. What are your thoughts?

Carol's Daughter: $12-$32
While this product line was just recently sold to L'Oreal, it has been around for years and is actually one of the first brands I remember coming across being marketed for "natural hair." While it was one of the first, I again, haven't tried any of there products due to price but mostly the ingredients. What are your thoughts?

Why do these products cost so much? What are your thoughts? Do you use any of these brands and how have they worked for you? Share, share!