Natural Hair: Exclusive Interview with CurlKit President Heather Cummings

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I've got the scoop! Well, not really lol but I did get an exclusive interview with Heather Cummings, the cofounder and president of CurlKit, a monthly subscription kit that offers hair products. I recently got to speak with her about how CurlKit developed and what's new for the company.

Heather cummings
Heather Cummings, cofounder and president of CurKit

ClassyCurlies: How did the idea for Curlkit develop?

Heather Cummings: 
The idea for CurlKit surprisingly came about while shopping in the mall.  I was strolling through the mall with my fiancée at the time, now husband. I was looking for products for my beauty regimen and was having difficulties finding the right products. My fiancée said to me “Wouldn’t it be great if you could just have all your beauty products sent directly to you without looking for them individually?” At first I thought that he just didn’t want to go shopping with me, but then I realized he was on to something. 
At the time I wasn’t sure how it was going to happen, but I started doing my research the next day.   One thing I was sure of was that my search for products especially products for my natural hair has always been a major issue. I saw that this could be a way for me to help myself as well as other naturals. So I have to say that Curlkit® began out of a personal search and struggle to find healthy natural products.

With so many other subscription kits, what makes CurlKit different from the others?

1   The subscription service business has definitely grown in past few years. We launched CurlKit in February 2011 and we knew then that we had to establish who we were In the natural hair subscription business.  CurlKit’s philosophy is that beauty should be inclusive of everyone.  We also did not want to limit access to a certain window or time frame.   
      We think a beauty service should be a fun, inviting, and engaging experience and that is why we started our weekly twitter chat,  #curltalk.  Our subscribers love it. Every Tuesday  from 7pm – 8pm our subscribers can talk and exchange tips, resources and questions with other naturals all over the world.  We currently have subscribers in over 40 countries and ship to over 150 countries worldwide.  We also have tons of giveaways and raffles, with prizes ranging from full size products, to vacation packages to several travel destinations. We host interactive games, and weekly trivia because we think beauty and brains should go hand and hand.

Beside your monthly kit, how else does the company contribute to the natural hair community?

CurlKit® has taken part in many natural hair events throughout the years. One such event is the National Natural Hair Meet-up Day. For the past 2 years CurKit has sponsored and provided giveaways to all the meet-up events in over 50 locations.  Another effort we are extremely proud of is our philanthropic arm of CurlKit which we call  Curlkit® Cares™. 
We have donated books to disadvantaged children, donated to breast cancer research, St. Jude Children’s Hospital and numerous nonprofit organizations. We have provided products to women in the military because we feel that even though they are serving and protecting our country they are still women who desire to look and feel beautiful.

What message does Curlkit send to the community and its subscribers?

The message we want to convey to the natural hair community and subscribers is that being natural is an inclusive opportunity. It’s open to everyone regardless of social class, race or ethnicity. The beauty of our natural textured hair is the versatility that it provides us, just like our subscribers. We simply want them to enjoy the journey of discovering their natural beauty.

What is the day and the life of Heather like?

My day always starts with prayer and reflection on where I am in my life. It keeps me grounded and reminds me of why I do CurlKit, and why I love what I do. I recently had a child, so he keeps me super busy along with running CurlKit. My days are filled with meetings, talking to brands, my subscribers and staff.  Working on the different projects that we are currently rolling out and trying and selecting products for our upcoming CurlKits.  It is a full day but I would not change 1 minute for anything in the world. 

Anything new in the works?

We have some great things in store for the CurlKit brand,  I wish I could share more, but just like our CurlKit is a surprise each month so is what we are working on. We love to reveal each project as they are completed.  I will say that we’re bringing some CurlKit upgrades with even more fun, and with a classy and sophisticated flare!!  

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