ClassyCurly Profile: Gillian

Name: Gillian
Social Media Names:,,
Hair Type:       Multi-texture: Mix of kinky, curly, and coily

How long have you been natural?:    
My last relaxer was in the fall of 1999. I big chopped in the spring of 2000.

Why did you go natural?:        
 I honestly don't remember what made me decide to go natural, but when I did, I fell in love with my hair.

A short regimen you can share:         
I strictly wash and go. I cleanse once per week and co-wash 2-3 times a week. I use LOADS of conditioner to finger detangle. After I rinse out the conditioner I rake and smooth a leave-in conditioner and gel through 5 sections. I usually allow my hair to air dry.

What are some of your favorite products?:    
Kinky Curly Knot Today and Curling Custard. I've switched up my cleansers and conditioners, but those 2 products are my staple.

What are some of your favorite styles?:        
 I keep it fairly simple. I usually wear my wash and go out, but sometimes I'll push my hair into an afro puff or pin it up into an asymmetrical updo.

What is your most favorite and least thing about being natural?:    
Most favorite: Shrinkage. Least favorite: Shrinkage. Because my hair is fine and somewhat on the thin side, being natural makes my hair appear to be thicker than it really is. For this reason, I embrace shrinkage. But when I want stretched hair, shrinkage sometimes wins, especially in extreme humidity. 

What is one piece of advice that all women should have(pertaining to confidence)?:          
We all have something special about us. Own it, and work it.

What natural hair bloggers/vloggers inspire you?:    
My favorite vloggers are Rachael CPR and AketaFitGirl. As someone who primarily wears wash and gos I like to follow people with similar regimens and see what tweaks they make and products they use.

Do you have any advice on going natural?:   
Start with learning to master the wash and go, then move on to learning the next style. When you get overwhelmed, remember that the key to healthy natural hair is hydration. Water and conditioner are your friends. Those 2 things are really all you need for fabulous natural hair.