Natural Hair: Curlformers Updo

Hey Curlies,

I am in desperate need of a sit under dryer. I have one, but I left it at my parents' house so the next time I visit them I will be sure to not forget it. I say this because I believe my curlformers set could possibly last longer if I used a dryer. No matter what gel or product I use, my curlformers sets are always flawless, however by day two it starts to get fluffy but I did find a cute solution.

My set the very first day:

  I love this style because it stretches my hair, especially my roots which help when I desire a new look throughout the week. Actually my initial plan when I washed my hair was to do an updo style with the curlformers, but I figured why not style my whole head first?

That night I used the pineapple method to preserve the curls.

Here was day two and my updo style:

Long story short I kept my hair in the "pineapple" shape as much as possible while using bobby pins to keep the shape in place. All of the hair is gathered at the top of my head but I let the right side fall to one side.

I wore this style for about two days and the maintenance was a breeze. I just put my scarf back on the way I did the very first day.


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