Natural Hair: Bantu Knot Out Using Kandy Kurls

Hey Curlies,

Here are the bantu knots I promised. I don’t do this style often because this is one I can never get right (Yes, even I fail at hair styles). I was pleasantly surprised that my bantu knot came out wonderfully!

I created about 10-12 bantu knots using Kandy Kurls Leave-In Conditioner. I’m not much of a gel person so I just added some castor oil to my edges and tied them down at night. As you can see I didn't use a comb to create my parts because I didn't want to them to be permanent. 

The results:

Like I said before, this is the first time my bantu knot out has came out successful. There are somethings I will do a bit differently next time. I believe this is another style, like roller sets that survive best during the cooler months(yes, I said survive lol). By the end of the day my hair was swollen and puffy with only a few curls stick in tack.

I will also create more small knots as it result in more defined curls.I did separate the sections after untwisting and this is an area I think I should treat like my twistout where I don't do extra separating because the hair does it on it's own overtime. 

Let's be tomorrow my hair is going to be a hot mess, so I'm going to have to come up with another style. Maybe a super high puff?

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