Natural Hair: The Secret to Shiny Hair

Hey Curlies,
Secret to shiny hair

I've been getting a few emails lately on how to combat dry hair. Usually not only does dry hair present itself during the summer months, so does hair that lacks luster and shine. Here is the secret to shiny hair.


Rinse your hair with cool water after washing
This may seem like a pain to dunk your head under a stream of cold water, but it's completely worth it. Washing your hair with warm water opens your cuticles and rinsing with cool water closes them.  When cuticles lay flat they reflect natural shine and luster. You don't have to suffer under ice cold water, especially during the winter time, but get the water the coldest you can stand.

This process also helps during the detangling process by causing less knots and tangles on roughed up strands.

How has this method worked for you?

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