Natural Hair: New Product Talk

Hey Curlies,

Last week I was working a both for my job and I noticed a great amount of hair vendors which I thought was interesting. A few to name in particular were African Pride and Lotta Body.

I find it interesting that companies are converting to the natural hair world because they know that is where the cash flows. Many of these companies prided themselves on relaxers, edge control products and other hair growth miracle products.

I've always known of Lotta Body as a setting lotion used when styling a roller set. At the event I found out that they also have a new line of natural hair products:
Not to knock Lottabody's products, or anyone else's per say, but it makes me think about how much these products are different than their products for relaxed or "normal" hair. Are they using the same ingredients or formula and slapping "natural hair product on the front?"

Lately there are a lot of products popping up and claiming to be all natural. While some may be, I know that others aren't. If you've have noticed, I haven't done as many product reviews as I used to. I do try new products but very sparingly because I'd rather use good quality products and not cheat you all by reviewing crappy material.

What are your thoughts?