Natural Hair: My Three Year Big Chop Anniversary

Hey Curlies,

My big chop anniversary was actually a few weeks ago but I wanted to catch you all up on my progress over the last three years. It's been three years since I big chopped (cut off the relaxed ends) and four years since I received my last relaxer.

Over the years I've worn a variety of styles such as mini twists(which I have in now), regular-sized two strand twists,updos, puffs, name it. I haven't done a proper length check in a while and I hit myself on the head every time I ask myself why didn't I do one once my hair was flat ironed a few months ago. I guess I was so busy it didn't cross my mind. I do know that with my hair straightened it is about bra strap length.

Here are a few photos of my hair journey thus far:

2011- Big chop

2011-flexi rod set

2011-two strand twists




2014- mini twists

2014- braidout


2014-first flat iron

S/N: Length check coming as soon as the mini are out.