Natural Hair: Mini Twists Using African Shea Butter

Hey Curlies,

I FINALLY got a chance to install some mini twists! I've been lying to myself during prior weekends that I was going to get these done but...yeah...never happened.

But this weekend it did!

I actually washed and deep conditioned my hair Friday night. I let my hair air dry over night in tuck in roll twists and then blew out the rest to achieve fully stretched hair.

I blow dried on low heat and divided my hair into four sections. I twisted using only pure African Shea butter.

It took a little over 5 hours to complete and at the half way point I was yelling at myself about why I do this to myself each time. lol It just takes so long but is completely worth it in the end! I will be keeping these in for at least three weeks.

If you are wondering why the twists are so curly and seem to have some shape, I put my hair into two big bantu knots at night to keep them stretched. The knots add the curl once I take them down.

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