Life Update: Biking Exercise and Other Things

Hey Curlies,

Heads up...this post has nothing to do with hair haha. I've was asked once upon of time to sort of share my personal life with you all and I do on occasion. I'm not an obsessively private person so I do like to give you all little splashes into my life outside of hair.

I've been finding a good balance so far between work and squeezing in some fun. I've also been in the gym for the last few weeks. I found a trail by house that I often walk on with friends. A lot of people ride their bikes on the trail and I began thinking...that's a great idea! So I bought this...

I haven't rode a bike in years! I try to ride at least once a week if not more weather depending. When the weather isn't the best I work out indoors. I've been working out on the elliptical and doing some strength training on the weights. I've just been looking for ways to stay active.

Beside working out I've been exploring the city with friends and finding events to attend.

By the way I didn't make the paella(above). One of my sorority sisters did. Yum!

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