Natural Hair: Rhassoul and Australian Pink Clay Hair Treatment

Hey Curlies,

Today I got a chance to wash my hair and do another rhassoul and Australian pink clay hair mask treatment (yeah, the one I bought nearly two months ago). The mask was kept in my fridge and I finally found time for it.  The clays are great for getting rid of dry hair and scalp. This is my second time using this treatment. For my first application click here.

Before washing I finger detangled from my old twistout and was left with really big hair!

On Instagram I have a mini video of myself mixing the ingredients together. I used Butter's n Bars Original Hair Masque with Aloe Vera gel and TRESemme Naturals conditioner. I washed using Avalon Organics Lavendar shampoo then applied the mask in four sections.

For the first time I actually ran out of the mix which was really weird. I did this treatment almost a year ago and had more to spare. I think the fact that my hair is longer this time around I needed just a little more. My last section (above) didn't nearly have as much treatment on it as the others.

I like that this mixture rinses out easily, but it takes a while. That may actually sound backwards but it's just a lot of mixture to rinse out.

I then followed up with Avalon Organics Lavender Conditioner.My hair came out very soft and defined.

Yeah, my hair looks great...BUT the sad part is my hair doesn't stay this way. Shrinkage takes over and I end up with the look of a TWA haha. Oh natural hair!

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