Natural Hair: Braidout on Shoulder Length Hair

Hey Curlies,

For my event yesterday(check out the coverage here) I decided to do a braidout. It is a quick and easy way to style my hair, but takes a bit of ahead planning to get the results I'm looking for. This is my first natural style since my last flat iron.

To start I washed and styled my hair using the products below:

I applied the herbal oil to each section, detangled with a wide-toothed comb and  then applied a small amount of shea butter to my ends and overall hair.

I had about 10-12 braids:
Braids on damp hair
I did not use a comb or try to achieve nicely parted hair because once I unbraid I didn't want them to show or become too permanent.

I left the braids in overnight and the entire next day. This was to be sure the braids dried completely. The next day I applied a little oil to my hands and took down the braids.
Separated and fluffed

Final look

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