My Life: Update

Hey Curlies,

Been kind of busy lately. I started my new job last week and I really like it! I get to write about all kinds of things which is really cool. I also moved a few weeks ago so I am still settling in and rearranging furniture.

I love the area a live in because their is a variety of things to do. I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio and just recently moved to Indianapolis, so I am still figuring things out. I spotted a Pilates studio close by and I really want to try going to a class.

I actually bought a DVD to test the waters but I would like to incorporate more physical activity into my daily routine. So whether that be the class or biking (there's a cool bike-sharing program downtown) I just want to get moving. I am a healthy eater by nature, but a little extra movement wouldn't hurt, especially since I sit at a desk majority of the day.

Haven't done much with my hair lately. I am hoping to wash it this Friday and twist it up, which I'm really excited about. Talk to ya soon!