ClassyCurly Motivation: #11

Hey Curlies,

You all know I love quotes! Here is one that truly spoke to me:
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Life is full of rejections and you don't completely understand that concept until it directly hits home. I spent the last five months looking for a job. If you aren't aware, I'm a recent college graduate with a degree in journalism. If you have any clue about this field you know that finding a job can be difficult. It's about finding connections and showing your skills in a whole new way.

At some point during my search I got discouraged. All of the "no" emails I received only motivated me to keep going. Out of all of those people, someone is going to say "yes" for all of the right reasons. Long story short, I was offered a full-time position a month before crossing the stage and earning my diploma. It's all about persistence and faith!

Have a great week Curlies,