Natural Hair: No More "Hair" Vitamins

Hey Curlies,

So the other day I was scrolling through my Instagram and noticed that much of my feed speaks of women who take vitamins specifically for hair growth, or a company that promotes them.

Late last summer, I participated in my first, and last 90 day hair growth challenge. This challenge required me to take hair vitamins daily and tracking my progress. While the challenge it's was entertaining, I think we are losing sight of the overall goal.

I do take a daily multivitamin and have for years, but not for the purpose of growing my hair. With so many vitamin companies now selling pricey bottle of promises of long and healthy hair, it's easy to get tangled up in the mishap.

I find it humorous that many of the ingredients found in these hair vitamins are found in your everyday foods(biotin, vitamins C,K, folic name it). So I feel like we are cheating the system for overall body health in return for paying big prices to these companies.

The creators of these products are aware of the hair care industry. They know how huge the market it right now and one of two things happens to the customer who purchases: one, they find the vitamins didn't help as much as they'd hoped or two, they see a difference and continue to feed into the market.

If we ate correctly, nourished our bodies with the fresh food available, we could achieve the same results. I'm not bashing my experience with hair vitamins. My hair actually grew about the same amount as it would on a normal month-to-month basis simply because of my diet.

Therefore, I will not be participating in any more "hair" vitamin challenges. Period. It's just a personal choice.

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