Natural Hair: My Hair Type

Hey Curlies,

I frequently get questions about my hair type. While I do try to provide lots of photos for you all, many of you haven't met me in person so you would honestly have no idea how my hair felt or actually looked.

Since we all can't technically meet over this blog, I'd figure I would simply describe my hair to you.

My hair explained:

 I'm not truly into hair typing(meaning the chart), but if I had to choose any I would be considered a 4a. Most of my hair contains tiny spirals while other parts hold more of an "S" wave.

Over the years I've learned that my hair is easiest to manage when it is stretched. Many of the photos posted on here are of my hair in some kind of stretched style(mini twists, curlformers,braidouts). You will rarely see me rock a wash n go(did it once and it was just ok).
mini twists

Stretched hair is not only good for showing off length, but makes it easier to detangle.
My hair is also really soft about 90 percent of the time. The other 10 percent it just does it's own thing. As far as length goes, my hair is about bra strap length.

I do tend to get single-strand knots often which is why I prepoo or deep condition often.

Any questions? I'm here!