ClassyCurly Self-Confidence: #6

Hey Curlies,

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This blog actually began as somewhat of a class project. My first journalism class was where blogging was introduced to me. I've always enjoyed writing and reading, even as a child. This blog wasn't an attempt to gain a huge audience or an attempt at being known as  a "really cool hair blogger." This blog was and still is a way for me to practice writing because its what I love to do. Even if I didn't have a blog, I would still be writing in some form. You must find your passion and your purpose and form it into something you love to do. Someone once asked me, "What do you love to do everyday without getting paid for it?" Writing is my thing! Yes, I do get a some income here and there for advertisement and other small things, but this isn't my full time job. Would I be doing this without the pay? ABSOLUTELY! Find what speaks to you and do it because you love it.