ClassyCurly Motivation: #7

Hey Curlies,

At first glance this week's motivational post seems to be about romantic relationships. Yes, it sort of is, but its more about YOU.

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Many times we feel as if we need something, when honestly its simply a want. We have the desire for something so bad we forget about ourselves. This goes back to being independent. This concept is especially important as a woman. No one should want to have to depend on someone else because you want to be able to fulfill that task on your own.

We as woman have came such as long way in a short time. We are now CEO and vice presidents of Fortune 500 companies. We run our own teams and develop strategic plans, but at some point we have to learn how to be alone and develop ourselves. We are emotional and can be needy at times(admit it) but we also are strong individuals. At times we want companionship and that wonderful, but at the same time we need to learn how to not only stand alone, but be confident while doing it. Be memorable, command attention while doing it.