Natural Hair: How to Scalp Massage Using Aloe Vera gel

Hey Curlies,

Every since I've been researching natural hair, I've read many articles on scalp massages. These are beneficial because they help increase blood flow to the scalp and therefore increases hair growth.

Some people massage their scalps with or without product, but most use their favorite oil. I've even heard of the inverted method where you massage your scalp for several minutes then place their heads between their knees so that blood flows to the scalp easily. I'm not sure if this method is for me, however it has been said to work for others.
My favorite scalp massage is to use aloe vera gel. I usually do this right before my wash and it has been very helpful. Once it got chiller outside my scalp became extremely dry and itchy. Aloe vera has many healing properties including moisturizing dry skin and includes dozens of amino acids and vitamins.

How to Scalp Massage Using Aloe Vera gel:

You'll find some gels are more watery while others and compact. I've found it depends on the brand you buy.