Natural Hair: 3 Tips for Shortening Wash Day

Hey Curlies,

I can't be the only one trying to shorten their wash day times.

We all know washing and replenishing moisture into naturally curly hair is a challenge on its own. And don't even think about adding in a hot oil treatment or deep condition. It can be an all day process.

Three tips for shortening your wash day - ClassyCurlies

Here is the typical break down of my wash day:
Really fun huh? Yes, it does take a while...

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Each time I try to shorten my wash days because who has time for an all day process? Here are a few tips:

  1. Plan out products and hair styles before beginning. This will give you a realistic time of your journey ahead.
  2. Try detangling in the shower with conditioner instead of waiting until right before styling. It is so much easier!
  3. Create a strict schedule
I use number 3 often because I'm a "planner" and "organizer" at heart so this works perfectly for me. Here is a sample schedule below:
This schedule isn't finished, however you get the point. What are some ways you shorten your wash day?

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